Cult of Mac’s Readers Have The Coolest Mac Setups – Round Three [Gallery]


submitted by Erich Huang
submitted by Erich Huang

You know what they say, the third time’s the charm. After round one and round two of our reader submitted Mac setups gallery, we’re back with round three.

As usual, here are some awesome setups from fellow Cult of Mac readers. Enjoy!

submitted by Alex Flint
submitted by Markus Chow
submitted Andrew Wasserman
submitted by Holystain
  • heeloliver


  • Ibrahim Alvi

    First one on the first page, first one on the second page or last one on the second page.

    P.S.: Steve Jobs will be missed.

  • sarahadam902040

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  • The_Newtype

    That red chair is slick. 

  • Dilbert A

    Nahid Helal I want to see more of your setup.

  • Holystain

    wooooow, mine is there too :)

  • aratuk

    Anyone know who/what/where that laptop stand is in the first photo? (before the jump, “submitted by Erich Huang”)

    I kind of like it — although it would be impractical for doing much typing, having the screen at eye-level would be nice otherwise.

  • TastyGeezer

     Erich Huang – Wot? No Wires?

  • Nick Mooney

    How about my setup?  MacBook Pro & iPad 2, with the iPad being used as a WiFi 2nd monitor?

  • Jay Reevo

    Here’s mine. 

    I wanted to hide all the wiring so built the boxing out of MDF, used some off the shelf front legs (painted the same colour that I painted the boxing with) and had a solid Oak top commissioned by a local cabinet maker. It’s perfect for my needs and works really well at hiding the wiring, UPS, router etc. 

  • kriswm

    once again…nothing special. hey eric, i see your devices aren’t allowed to touch the table. any reason behind that.?

  • Russell Higham

    I like the Lucky Strikes in Holystain’s photo. Wondering how it fits into the set-up ?!

  • Nahid Helal

    Sure :) I sent CultofMac couples of images of my setup :)

  • Nahid Helal

    Here is More

  • Dilbert A

    Great. Can’t wait to see them. Thanks.

  • Dilbert A

    Down due to the storm. Awesome setup. Thanks.

  • Nahid Helal

    The last one of these setups is from me and if you want to see more about it, check it out in my blog… . Cheers

  • Mursaleen