Apple Put Twitter in iOS 5 Because Steve Jobs Thinks Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Is A "F**king A**hole" [Report] | Cult of Mac

Apple Put Twitter in iOS 5 Because Steve Jobs Thinks Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Is A “F**king A**hole” [Report]



Ever wonder why iOS 5 features built-in Twitter integration but not Facebook, the largest social network on Earth? It’s because Steve Jobs thinks Mark Zuckerberg is a “f*cking a**hole,” according to tech evangelist Robert Scoble.

Over the weekend, Scoble posted some remarks on his Google+ account about Twitter’s internal shakeups. In doing so, he made this classic remark:

Fortunately for Twitter they made that Apple deal (I asked someone at Apple why they made that deal and the answer was “because Mark Zuckerberg is a ****ing a**hole.”) Wow, insider politics between these companies is something to behold.

Apple and Facebook have a rather contentious history. In fact, one of the reasons why iTunes’ Ping music sharing network just sucks so hard is because Facebook blocked Apple from connecting Ping to their social network at the last minute, reportedly because Apple was violating their user data policies. Given how little Facebook cares about user privacy, that’s always seemed a bit rich. Mark Zuckerberg just being an asshole is a lot more believable, at least if you’re going to believe The Social Network.

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