This is Scosche’s New, Bizarrely Cool iPhone Fitness Appcessory




Why bizarrely cool? Forget that it’s an app-enhanced fitness gadget that sands data to your iPhone; sure, that’s neat, but there are a stack of devices out there doing the same thing.

No, Scosche’s little myTREK fitness gadget is that nifty because it tracks bio data using a method straight out of the future — it uses light beams.

Using a pair of LEDs and a photo sensor, it tracks minute changes in blood flow to calculate your heart rate (traditional heart-rate monitors use an electrode — usually in the form of a chest strap). It’s also equipped with an accelerometer to help measure calories burned, and apparently to further help with accuracy.

Also different is the way the unit communicates with the iPhone. Most current setups need an ANT+ dongle attached to the phone, which transmits data over 2.4 GHz radio frequency; but the myTREK communicates with the iPhone via Bluetooth — no dongle to worry about losing. The accompanying app looks pretty cool too; no sign of a Mac-side desktop companion to the app though.

MyTREK is $130 and available now from Apple stores, 24-Fitness gyms and directly from Scosche.

  • Paddy Ryan

    If you can add the Lark sleep monitor system to it, and a GPS and have all the data available from one App and then give us Mac/PC access for greater data review and manipulation, you’ll have a winner. 

  • Itz Lowry

    Sends data, not sands. 

  • elimilchman

    Seems the one-app-to-rule-them-all solution is the way to go, right?

  • Guest
  • tiresius

    Thanks for calling this out.  Nice to know I’m not the only reader who is exasperated by the inability of some Cult of Mac writers to spell correctly or at least proof their work.  Wonder it they know that many word processing programs now include both spell check and grammar check.  Quite useful, esp. for those who neglect to proof their own work.

      And check out the coinage of a new word in the URL and banner heading:  appcessory. [sic]    Since app is short for application, is it really necessary to elide it into accessory?  

      To my mind, totally un-app-ceptable! 

  • TowerTone

    “Wonder it they know that many word processing programs now include both spell check and grammar check.  Quite useful, esp. for those who neglect to proof their own work.”

  • Brandon Dillon

    “Wonder it they know”

    The only thing more annoying than a grammar nazi is a hypocrite. 

  • John Branham

    am I the only one not buying this just because it’s Scosche?

  • Aaron Brophy

    Using LEDs & photo sensors to calculate heart rate is hardly a method “straight out of the future.”  It’s been around for a good 20 yrs or so.

  • TastySlowCooker

    Too bad if you have Bluetooth headphones you go running in.

  • shucai45
  • shucai45
  • elimilchman

    Thanks for your comments.

    I often edit pieces directly in our content management system, which doesn’t include grammar check; it does, however, include spell check — but since “sands” is actually a word, spell check wouldn’t have found the error.
    “Appcessory” is a portmanteau of “application” (or app) and “accessory,” and refers to a gadget that interfaces with a dedicated iDevice app.

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