Too Many Macs and Not Enough Monitors? Kanex Unveils Its SnapX Switch



Kanex just unveiled its SnapX today, a $69 switch that connects a single 24- or 27-inch Apple Cinema Display to a pair of Macs and allows toggling between the two.

The SnapX will connect to practically any Mac — iMac, MBA, MBP, Mini, you name it — through the display (or Thunderbolt) port. Beside standard video output, iSight camera images and audio can also be output through the connected Cinema Display. Bummer: The SnapX will also eat up a USB port on each connected Mac; and there’s no support for iPad output.









  • BrianVoll

    Does this thing also transmit USB mouse/keyboard data like most KVM switches? Or is it strictly for video only?

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  • elimilchman

    Good question — I didn’t see anything about transmitted data in the press release.

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