Apple’s Order Status Page Gets a Facelift


new Order Status

Remember how ugly Apple’s online Order Status page was? Well, Apple has finally cleaned up its online store web design to reflect the rest of its top notch aesthetic taste.

While this isn’t particularly huge news, it’s still worth mentioning. Now you can see the order status on that new MacBook Air you just bought on a prettier webpage.

AppleInsider notes,

“Gone are the archaic blue and white order status pages that identified purchased items by part numbers and a string of abridged specifications more commonly found on point of sale (POS) systems operated by staffers rather one of the world’s most popular online stores for consumers.

In their place, Apple has adorned the new order status pages with more of a Web 2.0 feel, including product images, graphical buttons for returning and pre-signing for shipments, and a drop-down menu tied to each item with quick-links for returning orders or re-printing invoices.”

An internal memo was distributed at Apple prior to this web redesign that said Apple is working to, “enhance the overall look, feel, and functionality for a better customer experience” in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Apple gave their support pages a similar facelift recently. It’s nice to see Cupertino cleaning out the closet over at

[via MacStories]

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  • Steve Hall

    “Now you can see the order status on thatnew MacBook Air you just bought on a prettier webpage.”

    Actually…I can’t. :( The MacBook Air I ordered mid-afternoon on Wednesday was delivered at 10:30 Friday morning. I never had a chance to check the order status on Friday! (And it was shipped from Shanghai to South Dakota, even.)

  • pennstate

    I found this new apple blog and its great!

  • linzheng1
  • linzheng1
  • Toni Benitez

    This new view isn’t available yet in other Apple Stores around the world, at least not in the Italian one!!