Windows Phone boss is caught tweeting from an iPhone


Yeah. Someone did this again.
Screenshot: Killian Bell, Esq.

If you had asked me in the 1990s, I’d never have thought I’d one day feel sorry for Microsoft, but right now it’s pretty hard.

Two days after Microsoft finally got NFL announcers to stop calling the Surface an iPad, just in time for Microsoft’s tablet to stop working during a game, Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore, a.k.a. the long-time face of Windows Phone, has been spotted tweeting on an iPhone.


Apple engineer says Safari Twitter fix on the way

By links work in every browser. except Safari. links work in every browser. except Safari.

If you browse Twitter on Safari, there’s a longstanding obnoxious bug where Safari won’t full resolve shortened links. That results in an error message: “Safari can’t open the page because the server where this page is located is not responding.”

Good news, though. Apple’s finally going to fix it.

Controversial app that let you ‘buy’ people shuts down


Boom! You've been owned, Stolen!
Boom! You've been owned, Stolen!
Photo: Stolen!

Stolen!, the app that let you buy and sell Twitter users in a fictional exchange, has been taken off the App Store by its developers due to privacy concerns.

“The app is no longer available in the App Store,” the Stolen! team tweeted Thursday afternoon. “We’ve heard everyone’s concerns and have decided the best thing to do is to shut down.”

Periscope now streams inside Twitter for iOS


Twitter just found a way to take up even more of your time.
Photo: Periscope

Twitter is using its subsidiary streaming service, Periscope, for a direct assault on your attention. That’s the only conclusion we can reach, anyway, as the social-media giant’s mobile app now supports both live streams and replays of content from Periscope.

And it’s hitting iOS first, with the feature rolling out today.

Twitter abandons microblogging with new 10,000-character limit


Get ready for a future in which you can tweet the entire Declaration of Independence.
Photo: Jennie/Flickr CC

Say goodbye to the 140-character limit that made Twitter famous and say hello to something much longer. According to a report, Twitter is getting ready to launch a new feature that will let users include as many as 10,000 characters in one tweet — 9,860 more than before.