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The iPhone 5/5S Accessory Bundle: Get Two Cases And Headphones With Free Shipping [Deals]

CoM - Spark

Do you have a brand new iPhone 5S? Want to protect that beautiful piece of hardware but still want to show off its shiny gold or silver backing? This Cult of Mac Deals offer gets you not one, but two protective, minimalist cases that won’t hide your phone’s backside.

The iPhone 5/5S Accessory Bundle includies the Ice and Dry Ice iPhone 5/5S cases and the new Spark In-Ear Headphones – and all for just $57.99 during this limited time offer.

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Stock Up On Earbuds With These Ergonomic iPhone 5/5S Headphones – 50% off [Deals]


You can never have too many headphones. I’ve written before about how I’ve got different ones for different use cases, so when an ergonomic set of earbuds suited for the iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C become available at a low price — well…I’m all ears.

Cult of Mac has a set of earbuds that meets that criteria, The iPhone 5/5S/5C headphones are only $14.99, but you’ll also get free shipping to select countries. Plus, if you buy two pairs, you’ll get one at 50% off the already low price!

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Halloween Special: Enjoy Hours Of Entertainment With This Incredible iOS Insect [Deals]

CoM - iOSBug

Remote-controlled toys sure have come a long way in recent years. With the advent of smaller chipsets and better robotics, it was only a matter of time before something you only could see in science-fiction movies would be a reality in your home.

This Cult of Mac Deals offer brings you that much closer to reality with this iOS-controlled bug – all you need to do is pick it up for the incredibly low price of $29 – a savings of 27%!

Just sync up this technological toy to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and let the fun begin!

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Station: A Bamboo Caddy For Everyday Living [Deals]

CoM - iskeltermainframe-4

I am not a fan of clutter – be it paper-based, digital, or otherwise. I’ve got a scanner that takes care of the first type, and a combination of apps (including Hazel) helps take care of the second type. But I’m also a guy who likes to keep things need and tidy in order to avoid clutter. My desk doesn’t have a lot of working space, so I really need to keep desk clutter at a minimum. I had yet to find a fully functional solution…until the latest Cult of Mac Deals offer came along.

The 100% bamboo Station is the solution I’m talking about. Functional, minimalist, eco-friendly – it’s the ideal desk organizer. And Station is at an ideal price as well – only $34.99 for a limited time.

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Last Chance! Almost sold out! 50% off Spigen’s New iPhone 5/5S Tough Armor Bundle [Deals]

CoM - spigenmainframe2

The new iPhones have arrived and there’s no time like the present to ensure that you protect your new device from wear and tear. Cult of Mac Deals has a great offer lined up for those who’ve picked up an iPhone 5S (or  have an iPhone 5) so that they can protect from even the worst of scenarios.

Spigen has been developing some top-notch products (check out a review of one of its screen protectors here) and for a limited time we’ve got the latest offering from the company: The iPhone 5S Tough Armor Bundle – featuring the Tough Armor case & popular all glass screen protector (GLAS.t). And, we’ve got it for 50% off the regular price – just $36.99.

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Sprint’s One Up Will Let You Upgrade Your Smartphone Every Year Too, But With A Twist


Taking their sweet time about it, Sprint will be following the likes of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next and T-Mobile Jump with an annual update plan all of their own. The plan is called One Up, and it will be available on Sprint the same day the iPhone 5S/5C go on sale: September 20th.

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It’s Official: Smartphones Finally Outsell Dumbphones, And Android’s Responsible


It had to happen eventually, but now that it has, it feels weird: smartphones are now officially outselling dumb feature phones internationally for the first time ever. And what made it happen? Cheap Android phones.

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Little Innovations For Your iPhone And Mac That Can Go A Long Way [Deals]

CoM - Cablekeeps

The big upgrades you can add to your devices aren’t always going to be the ones that can make the biggest difference in how much you get out of them. It’s often the little innovations that can really change the way you use them. One example would be the much-talked about Tile, which goes beyond the iDevices we have and will serve to help us keep tabs on a slew of our personal belongings.

When focusing on little innovations for iDevices, Cablekeeps are a great example of an add-on you can use with your iPhone iPod, or iPad that does something small that can mean a lot more – like getting cable clutter out of your way. Cablekeeps allow you to wrap up the excess cord onto your Apple power adapter so that the unsightly extra length of cord gets wrapped up quickly and neatly for those moments when you want to grab and go everything you’ll need to charge those iDevices of yours. As a frequent traveler, this little innovation can be a big help in keeping the cable clutter down and ensuring you’ve got everything you need to keep powered when you take your iPhone on the road. If you want to get one of these – available in orange, light blue, or green – Cult of Mac Deals has them going for only $12.99 right now.

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Use Your Own Photos To Create A Customized iPhone 5 Case [Deals]

CoM - casetagram1

If you’ve been hunting for a truly unique way to customize your iPhone 5 then look no further. With this exclusive promotion you’ll be able to fully customize a case with all of your special photos thanks to Casetagram.

Casetagram is a revolutionary design service that lets you create custom cases for your mobile devices from your Instagram and/or Facebook photos. And Cult of Mac Deals has a Casetagram iPhone 5 case available for $39 during this limited time offer – and that includes free global shipping and a screen protector ($20 value) for your mobile device!

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Verizon Edge Will Let You Upgrade Your Smartphone Every 6 Months, But It’ll Cost You

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 10.39.29 AM

That didn’t take long. Following AT&T and T-Mobile’s lead, Verizon has announced a plan for early upgraders that theoretically allows users on their Share Anything plans to update their phones every six months.

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