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iOS 7 Reminds Us To Be Careful What We Wish For


It’s our own fault. We all asked Apple to dramatically change the look and feel of the iOS operating system, which, until yesterday, remained largely unchanged since the introduction of the original iPhone back in 2007. And we all complained when it didn’t do that with iOS 6 this time last year.

But I can’t help but feel the Cupertino company is now punishing us for all those requests, and all that complaining we did before about its skeuomorphic designs.

When it comes to design, iOS 7 is vastly different to its predecessors. It still functions in much the same way — though there are some new features you’ll need to get used to — but it looks completely different. As soon as you power it up for the first time the minimalistic feel is staring back at you, but it isn’t until you’ve completed the setup process and arrived at your home screen that you want to vomit in your own lap.

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WSJ: iOS 7 Will Bring A Brand New Look, New Ways To Share & Music Streaming


Today’s the day, folks! In just a few hours, Apple will kick off WWDC 2013 with a first look at its next-generation iOS 7 operating system. We’re expecting big changes with this update, and according to sources for The Wall Street Journal, those will include a brand new look, new ways to share your photos and videos, and a new music streaming service.

You can also expect to see a glimpse of OS X 10.9 and new notebooks at the event.

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Bloomberg: Jony Ive’s iOS 7 Overhaul Could Lead To Delays


Six months after taking responsibility of software design, Jony Ive is hard at work overhauling Apple’s upcoming iOS 7 operating system. And according to sources for Bloomberg, the changes he is making are so significant that they run the risk of delaying the update’s release.

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Google Is Preparing To Launch Apple Newsstand Competitor [Rumor]


Even though Apple’s iOS feature, Newsstand, hasn’t really taken off, Google might be looking to launch its own similar feature.

Google’s newspaper feature will be called Google Play News, and it will be come in issues and subscriptions, similar to the way content is distributed on Apple’s Newsstand.

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How To Hide iOS Apps Inside The Newsstand Folder Without Jailbreaking [Video]


If you want to hide some of the apps that come pre-installed with iOS — such as Stocks, Weather, or Game Center — there’s a nifty new trick that’ll allow you to place them into the Newsstand folder. No jailbreak is required — you don’t even need a computer — and you can hide as many apps as you like. You can also open them as you normally would from inside the Newsstand folder.

Here’s how the trick works.

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Apple Unveils New “Read Them Here First” Newsstand Section With Exclusive Hearst Deal

Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.

Now you can get Oprah on your iPad before anyone else.

Hearst and Apple have partnered in Newsstand to bring 22 of Hearst’s magazines exclusively to the iPad before any other digital or retail channels. This means that new issues of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, EllePopular Mechanics, Seventeen, and more will be available in Newsstand days before anywhere else.

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Rolling Stone Magazine Finally Comes To Newsstand, Filled With iTunes Links


Rolling Stone magazine finally makes its debut in Newsstand on the iPad today, two years after the publication’s founder criticized rivals’ premature rush to Apple’s tablet. The digital version of the magazine comes filled with iTunes links that will allow readers to quickly purchase content from featured artists.

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Forbes Magazine Comes To Newsstand On iPad


Forbes Magazine has today made its debut on Newsstand, and it promises to provide you with the “ultimate Forbes experience combining all the original magazine reporting on business, technology, and investing with the dynamic interactive content from” Users can buy single issues as and when they wish, or commit to a monthly or yearly subscription.Forbes Magazine Comes To Newsstand On iPad

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Zinio Slashes Up To 50% Off Top Magazine Subscriptions Until January 7

ZinioZinio, the popular digital newsstand available to Android and iOS devices, has slashed up to 50% off its top 100 magazine subscriptions until. The deal includes titles like Macworld, GQ, Wired, Playboy, PC Magazine, and many more, and it’s valid until Monday, January 7.

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The Wall Street Journal Finally Comes To iOS Newsstand

The Wall Street Journal Finally Comes To iOS Newsstand

One of the last big holdouts has caved: The Wall Street Journal is now available on Apple’s Newsstand.

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