Samsung Is Set To Rebrand Company To Be More Apple-like In 2013



Ripping off Apple’s hardware designs isn’t enough for Samsung, even though they lost a $1 billion lawsuit because of it. Sensing that they need to make some big changes in their design, Samsung is rumored to undergo a radical brand makeover in 2013.

If reports are to be believed, Samsung will announce the rebranding at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The South-Korean based company has been working with a design team that has worked with Nike in the past and are rebranding Samsung’s image to be more like Apple’s.

Designer Announces Steve Jobs Tribute Desk, Gives Percentage Of Proceeds To Cancer Research


sj23 with logo

Kyle Buckner has been inspired by Steve Jobs his whole life, ultimately choosing a career in design due to the Apple founder’s influence.

Today, he announced a new tribute piece in honor of the first anniversary of Jobs’ passing: a specially designed desk, available in two colors from his website. The desks are a labor of love from Buckner that include a special Steve Jobs logo, designed specifically for this project. The result is a piece of furniture that’s both functional and beautiful, much like the product designs Buckner’s hero was a lifelong advocate for.

The desks are selling fro $999.99 apiece, with a portion of the proceeds going to The American Cancer Society. We took a few minutes to chat with Buckner via email.

Apple Attempts To Trademark Its Music Icon, But Myspace Got There First


Let's hope it's not really called iRadio.
The Music app on iPad.

Almost everything Apple creates is patented and trademarked in an effort to ensure that other companies can’t steal its ideas (though they do). However, sometimes the folks in Cupertino hit a stumbling block. That’s what happened when Apple attempted to trademark its Music app icon recently, only to find that Myspace got there first.

If Microsoft Redesigned Apple’s Logo [Image]


Microsoft Apple logo

Microsoft recently redesigned its company logo for the first time in 25 years. The design is dead simple: four boxes in a square that pays homage to the original logo.

What would it look like if Microsoft redesigned Apple’s logo? The above concept comes from L8. Logos have also been made for brands like Starbucks, Firefox, Twitter, Pepsi, and Google.

I think it’s safe to say that Apple’s own logo wins.

Source: L8

Thanks: Andrew

iPhone 5 Mod Receives Takedown Notice From Apple, Will Stop Selling In 48 Hours


Get it quick.
Get it quick.

Just as we had predicted, the iPhone mod that aims to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into an iPhone 5 — which we told you about yesterday — has been pulled by Apple. The site selling the kit has received a letter from a third-party who is “authorized to send notice and takedowns on behalf of Apple,” and it will stop selling in 48 hours.

What Do You Think Of Microsoft’s New Logo?



The old one lasted a quarter of a century, but Microsoft has now unveiled a new logo ahead of the anticipated launch of Windows 8, the most radical revision of the world’s most popular desktop operating system to date. It’s boring, but in regards to embracing the minimalism of today’s design trends with a soft, non-stylized font, it does a good job.