Apple ordered to pay more than $500 million in long-running patent battle


iPhone with gavel.
Will this be the end of the road? Who knows!
Photo: Tingey Injury Law Firm/Cult of Mac

Apple’s long-running battle with patent-holding entity VirnetX took another expensive turn Friday as Apple was ordered to pay $502.8 million for infringing on the company’s patents.

The verdict was decided by a jury in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Apple and VirnetX have been battling back and forth since 2010.

Apple Ring could let you control devices around you by pointing at them


Apple Ring 1
Will Apple ever make an Apple Ring?
Photo: USPTO/Apple

Apple hasn’t given up on the idea of an Apple Ring wearable that could be used to control Apple devices by performing specific hand gestures. The concept has been around for a few years, but Apple has yet to launch such a product.

However, on Tuesday it was granted a second patent for its invention, offering some more information about the device. Coming soon to a ring finger near you?

Apple invents unique, no-crease folding iPhone screen


Apple invents a unique, no-crease folding iPhone screen
Samsung had no end of problems with its folding handset.
Photo: Samsung

It’s not yet clear whether foldable phones are a temporary gimmick or the future of mobile devices. But Apple’s certainly interested — and in a newly published patent, it describes its approach to solving one of the most often-raised problems with folding phones.

That problem? How to ensure that a foldable device doesn’t become creased or damaged when it folds. Early folding phones, such as Samsung’s troubled Galaxy Fold, have been plagued by this problem. But Apple engineers developed a solution that could help.

Apple wants another shot at overturning $439 million patent lawsuit


Anti-robocall bill is one step closer to being passed into law
Apple is frequently targeted in patent cases.
Photo: Pexels

Apple wants another shot at beating so called patent troll VirnetX in court.

The Cupertino company was previously ordered to pay $439 million for infringing on two of VirnetX’s patents with its FaceTime technology. However, an appeals court has since found many of VirnetX’s patents to be unpatentable.

Apple tech could improve visibility in bad driving conditions


Street at night 2
This could be an important development for an Apple Car.
Photo: j3n53r/Flickr CC

As part of its Project Titan initiative, Apple has invented some smart tech for improving detection of road signs and other vehicles on the road in low visibility situations.

This could ramp up safety in situations such as an autonomous Apple Car driving in foggy, snowy, low light or otherwise hard-to-see situations.

Apple vs. Qualcomm court case could be worth up to $30 billion


Qualcomm patents
This could be the most expensive case of its kind.
Photo: Qualcomm

Apple’s battle with Qualcomm is a meeting of two tech titans — and the monetary amounts involved reflect that.

According to a new report from the Financial Times, the amount of money at sake dwarfs any previous IP or antitrust case. Apple and four companies in its supply chain are seeking $30 billion in damages from Qualcomm. Since Qualcomm generated “just” $5.7 billion in 2016, the fallout could be absolutely enormous.

New nanoparticle coating will make Apple devices tougher


iPhone XS Max
Apple wants to make displays less scratchable.
Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Apple is working to make iPhones and iPad screens a bit less scratchable. That’s according to a recently filed patent application, describing a new “Nanoparticle Protective Coatings” invented by Cupertino engineers.

It refers to a protective coating that, Apple claims, will stop iOS devices from scratching or suffering display fractures from drops.

Apple takes on Lighthouse team after acquiring security patents


Is Apple planning to make cameras of its own?
Photo: Lighthouse

Around 20 members of the Lighthouse team are now working at Apple, according to a new report.

The hires, which include two company co-founders, come after Apple acquired a bunch of Lighthouse’s home security patents earlier this month. An email sent to customers this week requested permission to transfer security camera data with Apple.

Here’s how Apple plans to stop your foldable iPhone from breaking


Folding iPhone 2
Be sure to keep it warm!
Photo: Foldable News

With foldable smartphones becoming the hot new trend for 2019, iPhone fans are wondering when we’ll see something from Apple. It’s likely to be a while before a foldable iPhone hits the market, but there’s no question Apple is looking into it.

The company’s latest patent application details how it might prevent a foldable smartphone from breaking in cold weather.