Second wave of Apple Watch preorders could kick off May 8


The Apple Watch is coming to Italy. Photo: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Customers in Italy will be able to preorder the Apple Watch from May 8, according to an internal source speaking to Italian Apple website iSpazio.

If true, this will kick off the second wave of Apple Watch launches, with the first beginning in the United States and nine other countries earlier this month.

Italy’s Prime Minister wants to learn from Jony Ive

Italian premier Matteo Renzi's desk. Photo: La Stampa.

Summer reading tends to lean towards the frothy or the ambitious. It looks like Italy’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi is definitely in the ambitious camp.

His summer reads, as shown on his desk, include a work by an economist about innovation, a tome on the power of the labor force, and, oh yeah, Leander Kahney’s Jony Ive The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products.

This Italian Fruit Company Ripped Off Apple’s Logo To Help Them Sell Real Apples [Image]



There are two sure fire ways to get Apple’s legal team to blitz you with a thunderpunch of litigation: 1) make an action figure doll in the likeness of Steve Jobs and advertise it as a Steve Jobs doll 2) Use the Apple logo, or anything that kind of almost looks like the Apple logo, on a product you’re selling.

Leofrutta, a fruit company in Sicily, is guilty of option number two. They don’t even try to morph the Apple logo into something a little bit different, instead they just use an exact replica of the bitten apple made famous by Steve Jobs. They’re not just using the Apple logo on their truck though, it’s all over their website too.

Here’s a screenshot:

Italy Slams Apple With Fine, Threatens Closure Of Italian Operations

Did you know that EU law covers Apple products for a minimum of two years?
Did you know that EU law covers Apple products for a minimum of two years?

If Italy has its way, Apple’s operations in the country may be shut down for 30 days, following a dispute with Italy’s AGCM competition and marketing authority. According to Reuters, Apple is also being faced with fines up to $377,500 unless a free two year warranty is given to all Italian customers.

This Italian Battery Case For iPhone 4 Delivers The Juice, But Could Fit Better [Review]

Battery without bulk: it looks and feels good in the hand
Battery without bulk: it looks and feels good in the hand

This is the Sandberg Battery Case for iPhone 4. Designed in Italy, it’s a low-cost backup power supply and case with svelte good looks. It provides a good balance between size and power storage, but isn’t without some flaws. Overall, it’s a good deal but let down by what look like lapses in manufacturing quality control.