This Italian Battery Case For iPhone 4 Delivers The Juice, But Could Fit Better [Review]

Battery without bulk: it looks and feels good in the hand
Battery without bulk: it looks and feels good in the hand

This is the Sandberg Battery Case for iPhone 4. Designed in Italy, it’s a low-cost backup power supply and case with svelte good looks. It provides a good balance between size and power storage, but isn’t without some flaws. Overall, it’s a good deal but let down by what look like lapses in manufacturing quality control.

Did Apple Dodge A Powder Keg In Europe With Italian Warranty Case?

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Although many EU consumer laws already guarantee twice as much protection, Apple can continue to rip off customers there by selling AppleCare extended warranties.

Lawyer Carlo Piana told Cult of Mac that although Apple lost its appeal over fines for unfair business practices in an Italian court, that probably won’t affect Apple’s stance in the rest of the EU-27, although consumer laws are “harmonized” across member states.

Turn Your iPhone Into A Sleek, Luxurious Gramophone



The Megaphone is one of the best good-looking accessories for the iPod or iPhone that we’ve ever seen: not only is it one of the few iPhone speaker docks tasteful enough to function as a part of the room decor even when it is not being used to play music, it sounds great too, all thanks to the work of Italian designers Enrico Bosa and Isabella Lovero.