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Calvin & Hobbes Comes To iBooks


“It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy! Let’s go exploring!”

If you’re a comic lover, the world of iBooks just got a little bit more magical, as Bill Watterson’s classic comic strip about a boy and his stuffed tiger has come to Apple’s e-book store.

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iBooks For Mac Updated With Bug Fixes And Stability Improvements

Yeah, that looks familiar.

Alongside a few MacBook-related updates and a fix for Gmail in Mail, Apple has released its first update to iBooks for Mac today in Mavericks. Version 1.0.1 addresses “bug fixes and improvements to performance and stability,” according to Apple. It can be downloaded now in the Mac App Store.

iBooks for Mac hasn’t been particularly buggy, but this first update should fix many of the glitches with slow animations and other minor hiccups that have been affecting the app.

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Have Your Mac Read A Book To You In Mavericks And iBooks [OS X Tips]

Mavericks iBooks Speech

For those of you who might want to listen to a book via iBooks, one option is to load an iBook on your iPhone or iPad and turn on VoiceOver.

That can change the way your iOS device works, though, so it can be tricky to the uninitiated.

Now that iBooks is on Mavericks, however, you have another option: get your Mac to read your iBook to you.

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Books Created In iBooks Author Can Now Be Previewed In iBooks For Mac


Following the release of OS X Mavericks on Tuesday, Apple has updated iBooks Author for Mac to introduce compatibility with the desktop iBooks app. So, books created in iBooks Author can now be previewed and read in iBooks for Mac.

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Viticci’s Editorial Review Was So Long, He Turned It Into This Awesome iBook


Remember Federico Viticci’s review of the amazing new iPad “text editor” Editorial? Of course you do – it’s the one you pushed to your read-later service and never read later, because it was just too damn long for a single post on a website. Hell, the thing even had a table of contents. A blog post with a table of contents.

Now, though, you can enjoy Viticci’s opus in a form much better suited to a long text with multiple sections: a book. And being an Apple nerd, Viticci made it into an iBook.

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iPhone Support For Ebooks Created In iBooks Author Might Be On The Way


Since it’s introduction last year, Apple’s iBooks Author app has only supported the creation of iBooks for iPad, but some new evidence on Apple’s website suggests  iPhone support might be on its way soon.

Apple’s added ebook support for the iPad mini and previewed the arrival of iBooks for Mac WWDC, leaving the iPhone as the only major Apple device that can’t view ebooks created with Apple’s proprietary software. However, Serenity Caldwell at Macworld noticed some curious changes to Apple’s requirements message:

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Publishers To Pay iBookstore Customers $3 For Each NYT Best Seller Purchased


While Apple decided to hold out for a court battle — that it eventually lost — five of the publishers involved in the iBookStore price fixing antitrust case have already reached settlements with the DOJ. Two of those publishers, Penguin and Macmillan, are already sending out emails to customers to notify them that they’re eligible to receive iTunes credit, or a check for the settlement.

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Apple Says The DOJ Is Trying To Give Amazon A Competitive Advantage On Ebooks

Battle for e-textbooks heats up with new Nook company

Following up on the Department of Justice’s revised proposed punishment from Apple’s e-book antitrust case, Apple’s lawyers filed a response this morning claiming the DOJ is trying to give Amazon an unfair advantage on e-books.

Defense attorney Orin Synder said that the DOJ’s 12-page proposal is just trying to find a remedy that will give Amazon a competitive advantage again. Synder had the following to say regarding the DOJ’s proposal that Apple allow App Store developers  to sell e-books through their apps without Apple taking a cut:

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DoJ Wants Apple To Terminate Deals With Publishers, Link To Rival Bookstores Instead


The ongoing iBooks antitrust case between Apple and the United States Department of Justice took a very interesting twist this morning when the DoJ and 33 state Attorneys General laid out plans to remedy Apple’s wrongdoings and restore competition to the market.

The DoJ wants Apple to terminate all of its deals with book publishers, and refrain from entering into any new ones for at least five years. It also wants the company to start selling e-books from rivals like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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Apple Begins Offering Free Content Through App Store App For iPhone


Apple has begun giving away free content today via the App Store app for iPhone. Its first giveaway is for Color Zen, “a new and addictive kind of puzzle game” for iOS which is available free for a limited time “exclusively for Apple Store app users.”

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