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Lust List: Heartache is in the (stolen) bag, plus audio gear and more

Game On (And On) With These Stunningly Superb Siberia Elite Gaming Headphones [Review]


Gaming headsets are quite the rage lately, with products from Turtle Beach, Logitech, and Sony gracing any decent gaming aisle at your favorite retailer.

Siberia Elite Gaming Headset by SteelSeries
Category: Headsets
Works With: Mac, iPhone, Android, PCs
Price: $199.00

SteelSeries has a long history of providing high quality gaming peripherals, like mice, keyboards, and controllers, for the high-end PC gaming market. They’ve recently made some fantastic forays into iOS gaming peripherals, as well, like the SteelSeries Free controller for iPad and iPhone.

These Siberia Elites, then, have a fantastic pedigree at a fairly competitive price, and I’ve fallen in love with their sound, build quality, and fancy extras.

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Bluetooth Keyboard Doubles As Telephone Handset

Bluetooth Keyboard Doubles As Telephone Handset

Turn your tablet into an old-school Nokia Communicator

When the iPhone launched, “pundits” said that it would fail thanks to the lack of a physical keyboard. Then the iPad debuted to the same knee-jerk whine. Years passed, and tens of millions of units were sold, yet there are still people who think they want a keyboard to take up half the face of their device, all the time. For you, my dear Luddite friends, there is the TK-MBD041, a tiny Bluetooth keyboard that will mimic your precious (and tiny) BlackBerry buttons, and packs a special secret function (spoiler – it works as a phone handset).

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