iPhone 7 is already in transit from China


Apple's shipping so many iPhone 6 devices that it's having an impact on rival manufacturers.
The iPhone 7 is already on its way, although you'll need to wait a bit longer to get it.
Photo: FedEx

Based on Apple’s usual ways of doing things, the iPhone 7 won’t be in the hands of customers until Friday, September 16, but that doesn’t mean they’re not yet in transit.

In fact, a new report claims that as of Monday this week a total of 371,000 units of next generation iPhones have already been shipped by Foxconn through customs in Henan province, China. These handsets are reportedly on their way to the U.S., UK, Netherlands and Italy.

Foxconn goes all out to recruit more iPhone 7 assemblers


Photo: Apple
The iPhone 7 could be a bigger hit than anticipated.
Photo: Apple

Demand for the iPhone 7 is expected to be higher than many people expected, and Apple suppliers are taking on more employees to accommodate.

According to a new report, Foxconn is so desperate to employ new people to work on its production line that’s it been offering bonuses of more than $200 to any employees who can recommend other workers qualified for the job.

Curved glass 2017 iPhone is already keeping suppliers busy


Galaxy Note 7 S Pen
Apple could be borrowing one of Samsung's big design features for next year's iPhone.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone 7’s not even been officially unveiled yet, and already suppliers are prepping for next year’s tenth-birthday iPhone refresh, according to a new report.

Specifically, an equipment maker called Mirle Automation has reportedly been working on the necessary technology to replicate the 3D curved glass chassis seen on devices like the the Galaxy S7 edge and the new Galaxy Note 7. And it’s paying off.