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Could Future iPhones Be Made In The USA? It’s More Plausible Than You Think


With the new Mac Pro, Apple has once against shifted manufacturing of one of its products to the United States. Could other products follow? Even, say, the iPhone?

Foxconn chairman and president Terry Gou has hinted yes, saying that the company is actively looking into the possibility of setting up factories for high-end smartphone and tablet production in America. But how likely is it?

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Foxconn Factory To Stop Producing iPhone 5c


It has been reported that that Foxconn Electronics will stop production of the iPhone 5c at its Zhengzhou factory in northern China. This isn’t a sign that Apple is severing ties with Foxconn, however, as the workforce previously working on the iPhone 5c will instead be shifted to work on the iPhone 5s production line.

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Starving To Death On An iPhone Assembly Line


When Apple launched the iPhone 5 last year, it was the most aggressive launch Apple had ever attempted, requiring entire armies of workers to aggressively line-manufacture their most advanced, difficult-to-make iPhone yet. But what was it like to be one of those workers? Businessweek has published a fantastic, haunting investigative report on one Nepalese worker, who almost starved to death after his stint as an iPhone tester.

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WSJ: Apple Partners With New Suppliers For iPhone 5c & iPad Mini


Apple is reportedly teaming up with new suppliers to boost production of the iPhone 5c and the iPad mini to meet strong consumer demand, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Wistron Corp., a manufacturer based in Taiwan that already produces smartphones for BlackBerry and Nokia, will be tasked with assembling the iPhone 5c; while Compal Communications, which currently works with Acer, Dell, Lenovo, and others, will manufacturer the iPad mini.

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WSJ: Apple Cuts iPhone 5c Orders Following Lower Than Expected Demand

iPhone 5C

Apple has told iPhone suppliers in China to cut iPhone 5c orders for the fourth quarter following lower than expected demand for the device, The Wall Street Journal reports. Foxconn has been asked to cut orders by one-third, while Pegatron will reduce its shipments by 20%, sources claim.

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Foxconn Admits It Forced Student Interns To Work Illegal Shift Patterns


Foxconn, the Taiwanese company that assembles almost all of Apple’s most popular devices, has admitted that it has forced student interns to work illegal shift patterns.

Thousands of students from the Xi’an Institute of Technology were made to work overtime and night shifts at the plant in violation of company policies. And if they refused to do so, they were in danger of losing their degree certificate.

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Apple Plans To Reduce Chinese Import Taxes By Shipping Directly From Foxconn Factories


The iPhone 5c is supposed to be Apple’s breakthrough device for the Chinese market – though we’ve heard they’re crazy for gold – so to make the import process quicker and cheaper Apple plans to ship iPhones from supplier Foxconn’s factory directly to China.

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Apple Goes On A Hiring Binge In Taiwan To Reduce Dependency On Foxconn And Samsung


Following reports that it was looking to open a new research and development center in Taiwan, Apple is now going on a massive hiring binge in China for talented engineers, having recently put up openings for over 300 new employees in Taiwan on the professional social networking site LinkedIn.

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Foxconn Profits Jump 41 Percent On The Back Of Strong iPhone Sales


Remember how just a few months ago, Foxconn profits were slumping because — as the anti-Apple brigade hysterically shrieked — the iPhone 5 was a dud, and the iPhone’s meteoric rise in popularity was finally done?

Yeah, well, Foxconn just posted a 41 percent year-over-year increase in profit, driven by strong iPhone sales.

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Foxconn Seeks 90,000 New Workers To Build The iPhone 5S [Rumor]


Foxconn is looking to add another 90,000 people to its workforce as it prepares to take on mass production of the iPhone 5S, Focus Taiwan reports. The Taiwanese publication, citing sources in Apple’s supply chain, claims Foxconn has already completed testing assembly of the next-generation device, and is now gearing up to fill the “massive orders from Apple.”

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