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These Awesome iTattoo Snap Cases Make Your iPhone 4’s Apple Logo Part Of The Design

These Awesome iTattoo Snap Cases Make Your iPhone 4’s Apple Logo Part Of The Design

Unless you go for a boring old transparent hard case for your iPhone 4, you’re going to cover up that Apple logo on the back of your device when you slap a case on it. However, like those stick-on decals that you can buy for your MacBook, these iTattoo Snap cases compliment your Apple logo beautifully.

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This Awesome iPhone 4 Mod Illuminates Your Apple Logo Like Your MacBook

This Awesome iPhone 4 Mod Illuminates Your Apple Logo Like Your MacBook

We’re all huge fans of the iconic glowing Apple logo that lights up every time we open up our MacBooks, so wouldn’t it be nice to have the Apple logo on the back of our iPhones do the same? Thanks to Andy and Chris at the U.K.-based iPatch iPhone & iPod repair specialists, you can have your iPhone 4 modded to boast a glowing Apple logo every time your screen lights up.

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If The iPad Was Made in 1976, This Would Have Been Steve Jobs’ Case

If The iPad Was Made in 1976, This Would Have Been Steve Jobs’ Case

We don’t know where this came from.

We don’t know who made it (J.G. Thirlwell, perhaps?).

We don’t even know if there’s an iPad or iPad 2 ensconced within this case’s leathery, plush-lined folds.

We’d love to find out (tell us if you know), but until we do, mere ignorance will not stop us from posting this exquisite iPad Case, because all we can see is that gorgeously medieval gold emblem, showing Isaac Newton lazing under an apple tree, waiting for the full weight of gravity to come crashing down on his head. That was Apple’s original logo back in 1976.

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Update: Apple Logo Dispute Down Under

Update: Apple Logo Dispute Down Under

Australian retailer Woolworths is buying time in the latest Apple logo dispute.

At the core of the corporate tussle is a “W” logo of a peeled apple with leaf filed back in August 2008 for the 80-year-old supermarket chain.

The new logo was supposed to symbolize fresh produce, but speculation was that Apple opposed it because the retailer might also slap blanket trademark on “fresh” computer products and home electronics, causing confusion for customers. Woolworths already sells own-brand credit cards and mobile phone plans.

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Apple Juice Logo to Sour with Apple Computers?

Picture 7

Just came across Apple Rush, an organic apple juice and beverage company that turned up in an RSS feed for news on Apple Computers.

This one looks a lot more like the Apple logo than some of the logos with apples that have been taken to court by Apple over trademark issues.

Apple Rush, based in Dolton Illinois, sells apple juice and sparkling beverages in bottles and cans through a network of 40 distributors in the U.S. and abroad.

Granted, since confusion is one of the cornerstones of trademark infringement, unless consumers are likely to mistake a sparkling beverage with an iPod — though an Apple energy drink, to make your computing breezier would be pretty nifty — this one may end up in the copycat hall of shame instead of the courts.


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Another Logo Sets Apple’s Lawyers Off

Picture 5

The latest corporate apple to be taken to court by Apple is Woolworths, an Australian supermarket chain.

They 80-year-old company restyled their “W” to look like an apple, meant to symbolize fresh produce.

Apple’s lawyers are seeing red, just as they did with the Canadian school, and hope to convince IP Australia, the federal agency that governs trademarks down under, to repeal Woolworths’ application, made last August, to trademark its new logo, according to The Age.

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This Apple Logo Pie Is Truly Delish

@Miss Gong & The Flickers

@Miss Gong

There are a lot of Apple-inspired confections out there, but this apple pie with a logo at the center by a photographer in Uruguay who goes by Miss Gong looks almost too yummy to eat. (Not sure if the reverse logo was intentional or just turned round in the photo).

Imagine inviting your Mac user group over and serving this apple pie for dessert…

Marvel at More Apple Logos Rescued from Dead Computers

Apple symbols, saved from the dumpster. Used with a CC license, thanks Univac.

Apple symbols, saved from the dumpster.

A CoM reader wrote in after our story on the Apple symbols pried from dead computers and transformed into jewelry to say that he’s been doing the same for years.

The reader, who goes by the handle univac, set up a gallery of what he calls “liberated logos” on Flickr –  there’s something wonderful about seeing the evolution of them side by side.

His collection includes a ton of iconic rainbow Apple symbols (including one possibly from a 512 “Fat Mac,”) plus larger ones from laserwriters, G3s and Quadras.

More pics after the jump.

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Rob Janoff on Creating the Apple Logo

Rob Janoff on Creating the Apple Logo

In a nice little piece of Internet archeology, an interview with graphic designer Rob Janoff  on the creation of the iconic Apple rainbow logo has resurfaced at

In 1976, Janoff worked as an art director for Regis McKenna where he created the logo, it was a pro-bono gig.

“For inspiration, the first thing I did was go to the supermarket, buy a bag of apples and slice them up. I just stared at the wedges for hours,” recalls Janoff. The fruit of his labor: a simple 2-D monochromatic apple, with a healthy bite taken from the right side. Jobs loved the conceit-only he suggested it be more colorful. Janoff’s boss disagreed, insisting the logo be made all black to save on printing costs.

“But Jobs was resolute, arguing that color was the key to humanizing the company,” says Janoff. “So I just put colors where I thought they should be, not even thinking about a prism.” What thanks did Janoff, now the owner of his own Chicago-based graphic design firm, get for all his hard work? “Not even a holiday card.”

Full article here.

Janoff’s site also has a nice radio interview with him talking about his “eureka” moment as he made the logo…

You’re Seated: Faux Apple Logo Stool

Spotted this yesterday in Milan: a small stool with a faux-Apple logo, missing the bite and a few colors but unmistakably inspired by the iconic rainbow.

Wonder who, for about $17 (€12.90), would want to sit on it, PC people?