iOS 6 Now Knows How To Capitalize After Quotes & Emoji


There's no need to hit shift manually in iOS 6.
There's no need to hit shift manually in iOS 6.

One of this smaller things that has always frustrated me about the iOS keyboard is that I have to capitalize letters manually before and after quotation marks, and after emoji. It’s not that it’s difficult to do, it’s just that the keyboard built into iOS is already capable of some clever things, so why can’t it do this?

Well, in iOS 6, it can.

When you start or end a quote in iOS 6, the keyboard automatically switches to capital letters after the first and last quotation marks — you no longer need to hit shift and do it manually. Furthermore, if you add emoji after a sentence and you ended that sentence with a period, the keyboard will switch to capitals here, too.

Again, you may not have noticed it if you’re not too bothered about whether or not your text messages and emails are written correctly, but in previous iOS releases — all the way up to iOS 5.1.1 — the keyboard didn’t do this.

It’s another minor change in iOS 6 that will no doubt make a big difference to some users. I already love it.

  • mr_bee

    As a writer this will be a big boon.  I never use Emoji but when writing dialogue the quotes thing is a nightmare.  Another one is the ellipsis.  Almost never do you want a capital letter after an ellipsis, but since an ellipsis is three periods in a row, you always get one. 

  • Sajonara

    I don’t think you will love this too much in the future. It’s just a 50/50 thing. Because now those people will be bothered that for example used quotation marks within a sentence to highlight some words which not automatically apply an end of a sentence or a beginning.

  • aJanuary

    @mr_bee An ellipsis isn’t three periods in a row. Hold down on the period button and a proper ellipsis will appear. Use that and it won’t auto-capitalise after.

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