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How to access Hyperlapse’s secret settings and record in 1080p


Instagram’s new Hyperlapse app is a phenomenal tool to capture buttery smooth timelapse video with more options and tweaks offered than iOS 8’s built-in timelapse feature. But if you’ve got a new iPhone 6 and want to record 1080p Hyperlapses you’re out of luck, unless you know how to access its secret settings menu.

Hyperlapsers can tap into their iPhone’s full potential by accessing the hidden ‘Labs’ menu that lets you tweak everything from your recording resolution, frame rate, speed multiplier options and even the sound levels.

Here’s how to access Hyperlapse’s secret settings:

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Apple Stores might fix broken Beats headphones

If you’re not satisfied with the banging bass blasting out of your Beats headphones, you might soon be able to take them to the Genius Bar for a tune up.

Apple notified its service providers this morning that they will soon be responsible for offering post-sales support on all Beats headphones and speakers, according to an email obtained by TechInGreek, indicating Apple retail stores will be adding Beats support in the near future.

Here’s the note sent to official Apple Service Providers:

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Apple offers female employees 21st-century fertility perk


Apple now offers free egg freezing for female employees. Photo: Apple

Working for Apple takes an insane level of dedication, so to help keep its top female talent around long, Apple is joining Facebook to provide free egg freezing for non-medical reasons.

Successful egg freezing allows women extend their fertility by storing eggs at a younger age for use when they’re older. The new process has become a viable family planning option for women who don’t want to put their career on hold, but procedures usually come at a steep price.

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Mailbox for Mac is finally available for everyone


Mailbox for OS X lets you snooze emails from your Mac. Photo: Mailbox

Mailbox, the iOS app that makes whittling your inbox down to zero as easy as a few finger swipes, has been working to bring its popular service to OS X since April, but after a long beta testing period it’s announced that Mailbox for Mac is finally available to everyone.

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Leaked iPad Air 2 logic board allegedly confirms A8x chip and 2GB of RAM

The 2nd gen iPad Air's A8X chip and logic board. Photo: Apple.Club.tw

The 2nd gen iPad Air’s A8X chip and logic board. Photo: Apple.Club.tw

The full details of Apple’s second-generation iPad Air will be revealed in just four short days, but Apple.Club.tw has published a photo of an alleged iPad Air 2 logic board that reveals Cupertino has a souped up A8X chip ready for the new tablet.

If the logic board is genuine, it confirms rumors that Apple will improve the Air’s performance with a special A-chip variant, like the A5X and A6X processors used in previous iPads. The logic board also appears to contain 2GB of RAM, though the chip numbers are a bit hard to read.

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Apple replaces JT and Jimmy with The IT Crowd for U.K. iPhone 6 ads

Apple replaces JT and Jimmy with The IT Crowd for U.K. iPhone 6 ads

Apple’s iPhone 6 ad campaign featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake has churned out some of the company’s funnest ads in years, but to put a British twist on the commercials, Apple’s getting some help from The IT Crowd.

Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade have teamed up for Apple’s UK iPhone 6 campaign and re-dubbed the first two iPhone 6 commercials – ‘Duo’ and ‘Health’ – that were first broadcast in the U.S. last month. The iPhone action and dialogue are pretty much the same as the U.S. version, except listening to O’Dowd’s Irish accent wax poetic about Health.app sounds so much better.

Check out the other ad below:

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Colored iMacs are coming back and other insane Apple rumors

81 million iTunes users have ‘experienced’ U2’s free album

Apple's U2 marketing campaign cost over $100 million. Photo: Apple

Apple’s U2 marketing campaign cost over $100 million. Photo: Apple

It’s been one month since Apple blasted U2’s loud, proud, and totally free new album, Song of Innocence, onto every iTunes account in the world, and now the the complaints have died down, Eddie Cue has revealed how enormously successful the free album has been.

Over 81 million iTunes users have ‘experienced’ Song of Innocence Cue told Billboard, and further divulged that downloads of the album in its entirety have topped 26 million.

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2GB RAM chips allegedly destined for iPad Air 2 leak online


The next iPad Air could be in for a RAM upgrade. Photo: Apple

iPhone 6 buyers were slightly disappointed to learn that Apple’s newest smartphones only come with 1GB of RAM, but according to the Chinese site GeekBar, Apple is planning to beef up performance on the iPad Air by packing 2GB of RAM onto the new tablet.

The third-party Apple repair site posted a photo on Weibo of what it claims are the new 2GB RAM chips made by Japanese manufacturer, Elpida. Take a look at the chips below :

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How to make the perfect Bendgate Halloween costume

DYI: Bendgate costume. Photo: Halloween Costumes

DYI: Bendgate costume. Photo: Halloween Costumes

Bendgate was the Internet’s Meme of the Week at the beginning of October, so if you’re still banging your head to come up with a funny Halloween costume idea, why not  poke fun at your own love for Apple and rollout in this DYI Bendgate costume?

The folks at Halloween Costume created this simple iPhone 6 costume you can make at home with just foam or cardboard paper. The display is slightly more forgiving in bend tests, but that might because they forgot to update their iPhone 6 to iOS 8.

If you’d rather go geeky than ghoulish this Halloween, here’s how to make your own Bendgate costume:

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