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Meet Marc Newson’s gorgeous Beretta boomstick


Marc Newson’s redesign of the Beretta 486. Photo: Beretta

Marc Newson is tag-teaming design at Apple now with Jony Ive, but that’s not stopping him from working part-time on some incredible part-time projects. We saw Newson redesign the beer keg, now he’s taking aim at redesigning Berretta’s classic shotgun.

Berretta unveiled Newson’s redesign of its 486 shotgun at an event last night in London. The boomstick has been updated with a 21st century design, adding a new opening lever design to go with the intricate engravings.

Take a look:

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Apple is now worth more than Russia’s entire stock market

AAPL's valude

AAPL shares are soaring. Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

AAPL shares closed at an all-time high yesterday, putting the company’s market cap at $663.2 billion. Never before has Apple been so profitable. In fact, Apple makes so much money, it’s now worth more than the entire Russian stock market.

Check out the chart below:

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Crystal Baller: iPad Pro problems, web-based Apple Maps, and other wild rumors

MacBook orchestra steals the spotlight in Microsoft’s latest ad

Skype's latest ad is all about the Mac. Photo: Microsoft

Skype’s latest ad is all about the Mac. Photo: Microsoft

Microsoft’s been doing a stellar job promoting Apple lately, securing placement of its “iPad-like tablets” on CNN and the NFL. But it looks like Redmond has decided to give up and start pushing Apple products.

Microsoft published an ad on Facebook today that highlighted Skype’s ability to keep people in sync, but the real headliner is a huge orchestra of MacBooks — and there’s not a PC in sight.

The ad features a photo of a conductor in New York City’s Bryant Park, surrounded by an array of 11 MacBooks connected to the city’s celebrated subway musicians. Microsoft’s ad comes with the tagline, “The world’s first digital orchestra stays in sync with Skype,” but it looks like the MacBooks and iPhones (as well as the musicians using them) steal the show.

Watch the MacBook orchestra’s performance below.

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iPhone 8 concept fast-forwards fanboys to 2018

Photo: Steel Drake/Behance

Will the iPhone look like this by 2017? Photo: Steel Drake/Behance

Pre-orders for the iPhone 6 began just over two months ago, but I’m already looking forward to shelling out cash for the iPhone 8 now that Steel Drake published this glass unibody iPhone concept.

The design keeps its familiar form factor but wraps the bottom and top edges with a glass display. Given Apple’s success rate with Sapphire glass, making this thing might not be conceivable until 2018, but there’s still plenty of time for Jony to make it happen. The designer decided to swap out the rear aluminum shell with a stiffening plate on the sides. The finished look is simple, a little curvy, and drop dead gorgeous.

Check it out:

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FTC presses Apple on protections for HealthKit data

FTC wants to know who sees your Health data Photo: Apple

FTC wants to know who sees your Health data Photo: Apple

Apple’s HealthKit app for iOS 8 is great at capturing and storing personal health data from tons of sources, but according to a Reuters report, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission wants to know what it plans to do with all of it.

The FTC has reportedly met with from, seeking assurances that sensitive health data scooped up by the Apple Watch and other apps won’t be used without users’ permissions.

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Sony will stream the best of cable to your iPad by 2015


Playstation Vue is bringing cable TV to the iPad. Photo: Sony

Sony announced its plans to replace your cable box today with its new Playstation Vue cloud-based TV service, that offers live access to 75 of cable’s best channels, without a monthly contract. And it’s coming to iPad too.

The invite-only TV service that’s designed to replace cable will begin to roll out in November to beta testers on the Playstation 4 and PS3, but Sony says it plans to bring Vue to ‘non-Sony devices’ like the iPad, at some point in 2015.

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Fantastic photo-editing app VSCO Cam is finally available on iPad

Together at last. VSCO now works on iPhone and iPad. Photo: VSCO

Together at last. VSCO now works on iPhone and iPad. Photo: VSCO

When it comes to photo-editing apps on the iPhone, VSCO Cam has pretty much been the gold standard for the last few years. But to make the experience even better, the app is finally coming to the iPad.

VSCO 4.0 was released today with a redesigned look just for the iPad. Previously, iPhotogs could use the popular photo editor/social network on their iPads as a blown-up iPhone app, but the fresh design and new features will make you want to ditch your iPhone altogether. Take a look:

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12 design secrets spilled by Jony Ive

The world's most famous designer, Jony Ive. Photo: Apple

The world’s most famous designer, Jony Ive. Photo: Apple

Jony Ive made a rare public appearance at the Design Museum in London yesterday, where he discussed a range of topics with museum director Deyan Sudjic. Everything from the future of design, to Jony’s work at Apple popped up in the conversation, but the most intriguing parts where the insights into Jony’s design process.

Sir Jonathan told hopeful designers that great design requires you to reject reason and comes with an enormous amount of failure, but he also shared some insights on how he’s become so successful as Apple’s Senior VP of Design.

Here are 12 secrets for designers Jony spilled last night:

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Apple’s giant iPad could face display production issues

The iPad Pro screen could be nearly as big as your MacBook's Photo: CURVED

The iPad Pro screen could be nearly as big as your MacBook’s Photo: CURVED

Apple’s gigantic 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’ could be facing serious production issues, according to top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes the tablet won’t enter mass production until the second quarter of 2015.

In a note to investors this afternoon, the KGI Securities analyst revealed that his sources say Apple will use an oxide display panel on the iPad Pro for a higher resolution, better color saturation, and quicker response, but putting that type of screen on the iPad Pro will take more time.

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