Next MacBook Pro to Get New Case Design

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The next revision of Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup will boast a brand new case design for the first time since the aluminum unibody models were introduced in 2008. The current lineup of MacBook Pros – which was recently refreshed earlier this year to introduce a Thunderbolt port, Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors, and new GPUs – will be the last revision before an all-new design.

A source for MacRumors has provided “reliable confirmation” that a redesign is currently in the works, however, there are currently no details on what the new MacBook Pro will look like:

Unfortunately, we have no specifics on what the next MacBook Pro might look like, though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.

I’m sure previous speculation won’t be far off either. Apple’s latest MacBook Air has proven to be a huge success and at its unveiling back in October 2010, Steve Jobs hailed the device the “future of notebooks.”

My guess is that the next MacBook Pro will be at least thinner and lighter, with SSD storage and better battery life. If we’re really lucky we’ll get one of those Retina displays everyone’s talking about.

  • bplano

    Did I mention we want all black, and all-black aluminum at that? Yes please.

  • tonyhue

    I’ll venture a wild guess and say that it’ll be thinner.

  • Barton Lynch

    I want to see liquid metal in some product. It has so much potential
    SSDs would be AMAZING. Any time I’ve used a computer with them I’ve just been blown away.
    Retina display is nice too, thinner and lighter? Yes please, to all of the above.

  • Support 18inc

    I’m guessing Apple might do a white version of the MacBook pro as well. Both versions containing slimmed down casings, and the option of a black or white keyboard and bezel. It might sound wierd, but Apple has the experience under their belt with iPad 2s white version.

  • Chris

    they’ll likely introduce each of those in a new model, not all at once, in order to keep the people buying :/

  • herald

    I think in the long run Apple will broaden the MBA range to replace the MBP’s completely. So probably the next MBP’s will be thinner and lighter, perhaps even without an optical drive. Surely a retina display would be great but propbably too expensive. Yet. ;-)

  • jesus osuna

    please no D: I’ll buy my first MBP this week and now your telling that we’ll se a new redesigned model next year ugh…

  • ErinsDad

    Make mine in Carbonite, please.

  • Jeff

    SSDs dont have very good life spans… these better be different…

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