Apple improves App Store discoverability with ‘Best New Updates’ section for games



Apple has been focusing on improving App Store discoverability as of late, and now it has added a “Best New Updates” section for games, which introduces users to notable updates of top-selling titles.

Prior to this addition, Apple included game updates as part of its curated “Best New Games” section, which resulted in a long list that took ages to scroll through. By separating updates from entirely new games, users can now more easily browse through the list to discover games that they might otherwise miss.

At present, the Best New Updates section includes 19 titles ranging from big-names Plants vs. Zombies 2 (last updated Jun. 24) to the more obscure likes of Red Herring (updated Jun. 25). All games on the list were updated in June, with most in the past two weeks.

By highlighting the games which have received updates, Apple is providing an added incentive for developers to push out regular updates for their titles which, in turn, lead to enhanced replayability.

All of this is likely connected to the ongoing battle between Apple and Google over who gets first rights to blockbuster games. While Apple reportedly does not pay for things temporary platform exclusivity, it does offer big-name developers and games premium store placement in an effort to sway them toward favoring iOS.

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