Controversial weed-growing iOS game pulled from App Store after hitting No. 1 spot



Controversial cannabis-growing game Weed Firm has been booted out of the App Store.

Essentially Farmville for stoners, the app put you in the role of a marijuana dealer, as you try to grow your business (literally)  and stay one step ahead of “thugs and cops.” Somehow making it past Apple’s usually stringent guidelines for adult content, the app had made it to the top of the App Store’s Top Free iPhone games prior to its expulsion.

After being initially approved, its departure is likely the result of negative mainstream press associated with the app in recent days, particularly after it gained the App Store’s No. 1 position.

That’s not the only game to be gone from the App Store, either. Flappy Bird clone Flappy Bird: New Season has also flapped off into the great rejected pile in the sky. The app — which claimed to be an official sequel to Flappy Bird (it even said that it was made by the original game’s creator) — was pulled at the same time as Weed Firm

Source: App Advice

Deals of the Day

  • Darryl

    Pointless censorship, aren’t all games escapism?

  • Thomas

    Apple are like strict Christian parents and we are their toddlers

    • What’s weird is it seemed like they have been letting up on certain themes lately but now they’ve put the clamp down. I wish they’d make up their mind.

  • Weed Firm changes game to pass Apple/DEA scrutiny. “Jail Firm” allows players to compete for profits in Prison Industrial Complex. “Jail Firm” players fight to increase profits by bidding for and managing their inmates efficiently. It’s like a gritty Sim City. Enjoy.

  • Well damn! Glad I downloaded it before it left, haha! It’s actually kind of fun.