Words and Cards Combines Scrabble And Poker Into Something Amazing [Review]

Words and Cards

I like Scrabble and poker, and I’ve often wished that there were some way to combine them. We could call it “Scroker.” Or “Pabble.”

Words and Cards by Ayopa Games
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad
Price: Free

I haven’t, actually, because who would think of doing that? Plus, those awesome names are copyright me. Don’t steal them.

Anyway, Ayopa Games did think of it, and now we have Words and Cards, a catchy and fun social mobile game that will have you spelling and trying to remember if a flush is better than a straight. Spoiler alert: It is.

Words and Cards Combines Scrabble And Poker Into Something Amazing [Review]

Words and Cards plays across five rounds split into two parts. First, you use letter tiles to form a word worth as many points as you can muster. Vowels aren’t worth anything (stupid vowels), but consonants will get you 10-30 points each depending on rarity.

Once you make your word, you switch to Poker Mode and try to form the best hand possible from your cards. While you and your opponent share letters, your cards are your own, and you can play as many hands as you can make during your turn.

Or you can just throw them all away if they’re garbage. You still get some points.

You’re playing for coins that you use to buy boosts that can either help you or hinder the other player. It can get a little “Screw you” pretty quickly, which is kind of the ultimate aim of all social games.

It’s all really fun, and even though the combinatin sounds a little weird at first, it works.

Words and CardsGame Name: : Words and Cards
The Good: Fun gameplay, good music, and a strange but effective mix of two fun game types.
The Bad: Chat would be nice.
The Verdict: It’s a great combination of two things that shouldn’t work, but really do. You should play it.
Buy from: App Store – Words & Cards – Ayopa Games LLC

Cult of Mac rating: 5/5

  • Seth Andrews

    “who would think of doing that?” you’re right. but just played my first two games and totally get the “screw you” element with those boosts. love it! it does work.

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