Apple Says It Rejects All Steve Jobs-Themed Apps

Want your app to be approved for the App Store? Don't make it about Steve Jobs

Want your app to be approved for the App Store? Don’t make it about Steve Jobs

It’s well known that Apple can be very controlling about what makes it into the App Store — cracking down on everything from Flappy Bird clones to games which feature the word “enemy” in recent times.

But Apple’s latest target might surprise you a bit more: Steve Jobs apps.

The duo who discovered this were sibling developers John and Grant Gill. They created an app called Quoth Steve, which offered daily quotes from Apple’s late CEO on everything from business and design, to love and regrets. The pair submitted the app late in December, hoping to launch it January 1.

Quoth Steve is an app for providing daily Steve Jobs quotes.

Quoth Steve is an app for providing daily Steve Jobs quotes.

“[Steve Jobs] inspires us to not accept the status quo, to strive for wonderful things and not just acceptable things,” said John Gill, who works as a designer at Amazon. “There’s a lot of good nuggets of wisdom and interesting ways of looking at the world. Some of the technology ones are fun but the best quotes are more about life.”

However, Apple rejected Quoth Steve, with the company saying that it does not accept Steve Jobs-themed apps, and that if the developers wanted their app to be approved they would have to add quotes from other famous personalities as well.

The brothers wound up releasing Quoth Steve as a web app instead, unveiling it on February 24 to celebrate Steve Jobs’ 59th birthday.

“Were we disappointed when we were rejected from the App Store? Absolutely,” John Gill tells Cult of Mac. “But since then, we’ve come to terms with it and respect Apple’s decision. At this point, we’re just happy that other people have discovered Quoth Steve in its web app form.”

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