How Much Of Your iPhone Is Actually Screen? Not As Much As You Think [Chart]

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Apple fans may argue that from a bang-for-your-buck perspective, an iPhone is one of the best smartphone deals around. If you’re judging simply by how much screen proportionally makes up the front of your device, though, this chart makes a strong case that the iPhone is a pretty bad deal compared to various Android phones.

The percentage of an iPhone’s front that is screen and not just bezel maxes out at 60.6% for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5, drops to 59.7% for the iPhone 5c, and plummets all the way to 54% for the iPhone 4 series. And if you’re unlucky enough to still have an iPhone 3GS, only half the front of your device is actually usable!

Compare that to the LG G2, where 75.7% of the device’s front is display. Pretty marked difference. Of course, we’ll see how the iPhone 6 with a rumored edge-to-edge display ups the ante, though!

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