Are These The First Spyshots of the iPhone 6?



The iPhone rumor mill has been in overdrive lately, but with the iPhone 6 launch not expect until later this Fall we weren’t expecting to see any pictures which makes this afternoon’s set of alleged iPhone 6 rear casings almost too delicious to believe.

A set of images of an alleged iPhone 6 hit Twitter this afternoon, originating from obscure account but have since been picked up by Sonny Dickson, the infamous leaker who revealed the iPhone 5 as well as a number of other Apple products.

The images feature a space gray and gold iPhone, both with an edge-to-edge display and a thinner profile. The rear casing also suggest Apple will ditch the two glass sections in the back – maybe finally utilizing their LiquidMetal tech for an antenna?

We can’t confirm if the images are genuine yet, but they still give you a pretty good idea just how beautiful a bigger screen iPhone will be.

Update: Looks like these photos are fake. At least there are more surprises to come.

See for yourself:





Source: Twitter

  • kwade

    a link to your liquid metal article from 2010:

    It was so long ago, still it’d be interesting to see.

  • Jacob_Alford

    Looks a bit Samsung-ish for my taste. Let’s hope this isn’t the final version, which is, fortunately, highly doubtful.

  • naflish

    that’s sooo samsung! no way!

  • 4bryan

    Looks like any old ‘droid from the front :\

  • TylerHoj

    I’m guessing these are really good fakes. The FCC wouldn’t approve a phone this early before release(Apple has been known to gain FCC approval post-announcement), and these ‘iPhone 6’ units have FCC brandishing. Furthermore, where’s the antenna? Even the 5th gen 16GB iPod touch has a plastic cut out for Wifi and location services, and logically speaking the only place you can imagine the antenna on this unit would be under the Apple logo (which Apple has filed patents for) but the logo is obscured by the battery, and doesn’t cut through the casing as it would, if that were the case. Also, on the second picture that supposedly shows the inside of the unit, you can see buttons on the side of the phone, yet no components are physically attached to them – a definitive photoshop mess-up, considering another close-up on the cases interior is button-free.

  • Stagueve

    I would rather say “the infamous faker”… Here is why…

  • TastyGeezer

    Hmmm. I wouldn’t want a phone that’s three and a half inches wide.

  • MrsCleaver

    “Are These The First Spyshots of the iPhone 6?”

    No, they are not.