Apple Increases Tablet Marketshare Thanks To Holiday Sales Bump


Spurred on by the holiday season, Apple sold a record 26 million iPads last quarter, which according to IDC’s latest numbers, was enough to boost the company’s tablet market share up to 33.8% to finish off the year, up from 29.7% the previous quarter.

Wall Street was less than impressed with Apple’s sales numbers though, and according to IDC there’s cause to be concerned as signs point to a tablet market that is growing dramatically slower year-over-year.

tabletipadnumbersOf the 76.9 million tablets sold in 4Q13, Apple sold 26 million. That figure is mighty impressive, but it also marks a mere 13% year-over-year growth, compared to 85.9% from Samsung and 25.8% from Asus while Amazon’s growth slowed 1.7%.

Emerging markets have continued to show strong growth but Tom Mainelli, Tablet Research Director at IDC says it will be hard for Apple and other companies to rekindle the rapid growth they once enjoyed worldwide now that markets like the U.S. are reaching high levels of consumer saturation.

Apple finished the quarter with 33.8% of the tablet market share, down from the 38.2% it enjoyed in the Q4 2012, while Samsung held strong to the second spot increasing from 13% a year ago to 18.8% to finish 2013.

  • ekim1406

    so the article’s title says that apple increased their tablet marketshare, yet the article ends with ‘Apple finished the quarter with 33.8% of the tablet market share, down from the 38.2% it enjoyed in the Q4 2012′. Looks like the 13.5% growth is from the amount of tablets shipped. maybe month-over-month their marketshare increased, but that’s not what the chart is showing. its showing year-over-year numbers.

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