Google Just Hired These 100 Ex-Apple Employees In The Nest Deal


A lot of us were surprised that Apple didn’t even put up a fight to outbid Google for Nest – co-founded by Tony Fadell aka, the Father of the iPod –  and its army of smarthome employees. Not only did Google score Nest’s innovative smart-thermostat and smoke detector in the $3.2 billion deal, but in an age where quality talent is getting harder to come by, the company also scooped up 100 ex-Apple employees in the process.

Based on a thorough LinkedIn search by Quartz, it looks like Nest had at least 100 employees who worked at Apple at one time. That number is probably off a bit, given that it is up to LinkenIn’s users to provide the data on former employers, but it’s certainly an impressive haul of talent nonetheless. The list of ex-Apple employees includes executives, software engineers and product designers who will be joining Google’s forces to build a smarter home. 

  • iSteve

    Apple’s Army is everly strong as the Fellowship of the lord of the Ring…..We will kick ass this year!

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