Games Aside, ComiXology Was The Top-Grossing iPad App Of 2013

While games dominated the App Store in 2013 in terms of top grossing apps, digital comic app comiXology has announced that it was the highest grossing non-game iPad app  — for the third year running.

“In a billion dollar marketplace with competition between over a million apps, it’s gratifying to rank as the Top Grossing non-game iPad App in the entire iTunes App Store,” comiXology co-founder and CEO David Steinberger noted in a statement — describing 2013 as a “a great year” for the company.

As of this writing, comiXology has sold more than 6 billion pages of material — a significant increase from the roughly 2 billion pages sold this time last year.

Outside of their own app, comiXology’s technology is also used in apps for both Marvel and DC Entertainment — both of which also placed in the Top 100 grossing iPad apps of the year: meaning that comiXology can lay claim to 14 percent of the non-game apps to appear on the chart.

Impressive stuff!

  • HerbalEd

    After reading this I still don’t know what this app is/does. The author obviously assumes the readers already know, but that’s the sign of a lousy/lazy writer.

    Of course, I can and did google and found out about the app … but why should I have to? CofM is getting worse and worse with their pseudo-journalism.

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