Thunder Dock Adds Absurd Number Of Connections To Your Mac


“Thunderbolt, ho!” That’s the cry of low-frame-rate animated big cats when they found out just how much the new Akitio Thunder Dock can do when hooked up to a Mac. And “Snarrrfff” is what their rat-like friend said when he saw the $269 price tag.

I like the Landing Zone dock for the MacBook Air, but I really prefer something that just hooks up via a cable and lets me use it with any old Thunderbolt-equipped Mac. And the Thunder Dock does just that, plugging into a single Thunderbolt port and offering the following holes: two more Thunderbolt ports, two powered USB 3.0 ports, a Firewire 800 host port and two eSATA ports.

Not bad, right? You could pretty much keep your whole desktop setup connected to the Thunder Dock and connect it to your MacBook Air or even your Mac Pro with a single motion. The aluminum box can be had right now, for the aforementioned $269.

  • dimpletop

    too expensive.
    Wake me up when these things cost $49

  • Jelockwood

    Sadly Charlie Sorrel has an error in his article. The ThunderDock only has two Thunderbolt sockets, one for connecting to the Mac and one for connecting to another device. If it had three sockets one for the Mac and two more then indeed it would be a mighty device.

    (I went to the makers website, looked at the pictures for all four sides and counted all the connectors.)

  • Turtle Heart

    what is a firewire host port? Is it a 1-way port that reads only?

  • Paul Burt

    too expensive.
    Wake me up when these things cost $49

    Sure thing, gramps!

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