The New ‘Men Are From Mars’: Guys Don’t Get The Appeal Of The iPhone 5c, Women Do


When the iPhone 5c first came out, people were expecting Apple to finally release a mid-range iPhone. Instead, what they got was last year’s iPhone at a $100 discount in a colorful new plastic shell.

Perhaps because of these expectations, the iPhone 5c is seen as something of a middling success by Apple: a new ‘budget’ iPhone was supposed to open Apple’s handset up to more customers than ever, yet the iPhone 5s is still outselling the iPhone 5c two to one.

But the iPhone 5c is far from a failure. And if you don’t get the iPhone 5c’s appeal, you’re probably a dude.

Over on his blog, Benedict Evans took numbers plucked from Facebook’s ad platform to try to quantify the iPhone 5c’s sales.

What he found was interesting. First of all, in the United States, the iPhone 5c has sold more than two million units in the last three months. The iPhone 5s, as expected, sold twice as many units, but still, two million units for a year old phone ain’t bad.

But where the iPhone 5c is a real success is with ladies. Twice as many women own the iPhone 5c as men, where the iPhone 5s is almost equally popular amongst men as women.

Benedict Evan doesn’t posit any conclusions from this data, so what does it mean? It could mean that the iPhone 5c is better marketed to women, that women like the colors more than men, that they are drawn to the cheaper price, or all three. What do you think?

  • dennislaska

    I think if the 5c had the 5s guts it would sell even better. It seems everybody likes the way the 5c feels in your hand. And if it came in black the guys would eat it up. The woman do like the colors, true!

  • SR_Penny

    Case in point; My girlfriend owns an ancient Nokia (not even a colour screen & we are in Finland). I own an iPhone 5s. She’s constantly refused to get a ‘smartphone’ & sees no appeal in the 5s – she’s more daunted by it more than anything …… but after convincing her to consider a new phone I showed her the 5c & she ordered one there & then as it didn’t look quite so ‘high-tech’ & was aesthetically more appealing to her as she could pick the colour which suited her & goes with her other accessories etc. In my case, the 5c was never appealing to me for those reasons & it’s lack of the additional ‘power features’ (TouchID etc).

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