Bah! Humbug! Apple Bans Christmas Tree [Report]

(Credit: Phyllis White)

(Credit: Phyllis White)

Why do you confuse us like this, Apple?

Renaming the 12 Days of Christmas app “12 Days of Gifts” one moment (just to underline that this is, after all, the holiday of shopping), and then producing what is genuinely one of this winter’s most heartfelt and touching Christmas ads the next — Apple has now further befuddled (and angered) a large group of people by banishing the giant Christmas tree in shopping area De Passage of Netherlands city The Hague.

The reason? It obscured the front entrance of Apple’s new store. The company apparently negotiated for the Christmas tree’s removal as part of its rental agreement to open the property.

Where previously shoppers had a tree like the one pictured above, here is what they now have instead:

(Credit: Phyllis White)

(Credit: Phyllis White)

Granted, a new Apple Store for a public Christmas tree isn’t the worst tradeoff in the world, but it also wasn’t enough to stop local resident Phyllis White taking to her blog to complain — noting that:

“Certainly the local people will go to the [Apple] Store and spend their money and buy Apple products, so Apple, do the decent thing: give something back to our community, give us back our Christmas tree, our Christmas tradition, it is CHRISTMAS after all, a time for giving not taking!!”

Rumors that Tim Cook would be visited by three iOS-optimized ghosts teaching him the true spirit of Christmas were unsubstantiated at time of writing.

  • Zeteboy

    I’ll bet Cook bowed to demands of Muslims.

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