Readdle Launches PDF Expert 5 With All-New Design, File Manager, AirDrop & More

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Readdle has today rolled out a major new version of PDF Expert, on of its most popular productivity apps for iOS. The new release introduces an all-new design for iOS 7, as well as a much-improved file manager and PDF viewer, support for AirDrop and background downloads, and lots more.

Despite its all-new design, PDF Expert 5 still feels pretty familiar; if you’re used to using the older version, you’ll have no trouble getting used to this one. But you may need to familiarize yourself with the new features, because there are lots of them.

Let’s start with the brand new file manager, which lets you manage all of the PDF files stored on your iPad. It supports drag and drop to make moving files and folders quick and easy, as well as favorites, so your most frequently used documents are always close by.

You can also add color tags to documents — either to prioritize them or to sort them by type or project — just like in OS X. Background downloading is supported now, too, so you can download files from the web and continue to read and edit other PDF files in the meantime.

The PDF viewer has also been overhauled and improved. “The best thing about the new PDF viewer is that it has less interface,” Readdle says on its blog. “It doesn’t compete for attention with the content, but at the same time it packs even more tools that can be accessed in equal or less time than before.”

Some of those tools include full screen annotations, smart zoom, sharing over AirDrop, and snapping and guides that will help you align shapes when making simple technical drawings.

PDF Expert 5 also introduces a new Review Mode, which claims to be “the biggest innovation in PDF annotation since highlights and text markups.” Review Mode makes PDFs act like regular text documents, so you can edit the contents by simply tapping on the text that needs to be changed. It’s that simple.

PDF Expert 5 from Readdle Inc. on Vimeo.

PDF Expert isn’t an update; it’s a brand new app that’ll cost you $9.99 regardless of whether you own previous versions of the app. It’s also iPad-only at the moment. But if you are a PDF Expert user, the improvements — particularly those new features — make this a must-have update.

Just follow the source link below to find PDF Expert 5 in the App Store.

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    They put the old version on sale over the weekend, then launch a new version a day or two later.

    Slow clap…

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