LG Could Make The iWatch OLED And All Curvy


With all of Apple’s sales numbers save iPhone either flatlining or declining, calls are louder than ever for Apple to release a revolutionary device in an all new product category. People want the iWatch, and so does Apple.

A new rumor says that final manufacturing plans for the mythical wristmounted iDevice are underway, and LG is likely to be the main provider of Apple’s new iWatch OLED display.

According to an anonymous source speaking to The Korea Herald, Apple is close to inking a deal with Apple.

“LG Display has been in talks over flexible organic light-emitting diode panels for quite a while and it looks like it will be sealing the deal with Apple,” the anonymous source said.

LG is already a supplier for many Apple LCD panels, but OLED would be a new wrinkle in their relationship with Apple, who has never ordered an OLED display. OLED displays are more power efficient at the expense of color accuracy, leading to oversaturation.

One interesting aspect of this rumor is that LG has recently announced a curved smartphone called the GFlex. It is widely believed that the iWatch will be curved, which — given LG’s familiarity with the curved display process — might make them a natural partner.

  • dcj001

    “According to an anonymous source speaking to The Korea Herald, Apple is close to inking a deal with Apple.”

    Apple is going to make a deal with Apple? You sure about that, John?

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