Improve Your Mobile Dropbox Experience With New iOS App Boxie

Boxie Overview

Love Dropbox, but hate the mobile app on your iPhone? Join the club; while having access to my Dropbox folder on all of my iOS devices is a fantastic productivity booster, the user experience of the default app is pretty bare bones.

What’s a Dropbox loving tech writer to do, then, to enjoy his Dropbox experience even more? Boxie thinks it has the answer, with a brand new Dropbox client app. Boxie connects to Dropbox, lets you access and use all the files in there, and promises to be much prettier and intuitive than the official app.

Sounds good, right?

Boxie features fast navigation through your Dropbox folder hierarchy, including a tap and drag function to put stuff inside of folders, which works a lot like the Mac. There’s an extensive side menu like many newer apps, and Boxie’s can be activated with a swipe from the left edge of the screen, much like Mailbox’s side menu. Better yet? There’s a nice sorting menu in there, letting you sort your Dropbox items in much more useful ways.

Contextual menus are also present, activated with a right swipe on specific files. Swipe over to the right and you’ll see a whole nbunch of custom action buttons that let you open, share, bookmark, or favorite your stuff. To delete a file from your Dropbox folder, just swipe left and tap the trash can icon–pretty intuitive. Wondering what you’ve deleted? Use “Show deleted files” from the folder options to see which files have been trashed. It looks like you can get it back with a simple tap, too. You can see how that works in the video below.

Improve Your Mobile Dropbox Experience With New iOS App Boxie

With Boxie, you can even store files offline, using the app to decide which ones to keep on your device, and which to just store online. That way, you can access those super important files even if you have no network access.

The Boxie app also notifies you when stuff happens to your Dropbox files, unlike the official app, and it will open files from Mail or the web and send them right to Boxie, which then uploads them to Dropbox.

Boxie is available in the App Store Tuesday, October 16, for a launch special of $1.99, returning to $2.99 soon thereafter.

  • iPear

    Misterious Secret/NSFW
    I see what you did there…

  • MrsCleaver

    Hmmm. Two bucks? A bit steep for a static app. If it allowed text editing of files stored on Dropbox, now that would be worth the coin.

  • Godot

    “Unlike that app, though, you can open files from Mail or the web and send them right to Boxie, which then uploads them to Dropbox.”

    I think someone should have fact-checked, because the official Dropbox app does that too.
    As long as it’s a supported file type, that is.

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