Flickr For iPhone Can Now Auto-Upload The Photos In Your Camera Roll



Flickr for iPhone can now automatically upload all the photos in your camera roll, thanks to a new update for devices running iOS 7. There’s also a new auto-straighten feature that fixes your wonky snaps, and the Google sign-in issues that plagued the previous release have been fixed.

There are already a number of apps that will automatically upload your images to cloud-based storage services, including Google+, Everpix, and Dropbox. But if you prefer to save and share your photos on Flickr instead, then you can now send them there automatically, too.

The latest version of Flickr for iPhone will “seamlessly upload and save your photos in full resolution.” And after Yahoo! gave every user 1TB of free storage on Tuesday, you’ll have plenty of space to store them. You can also take advantage of the app’s new auto-straighten feature to ensure that every picture you upload gives the illusion you were sober when you took it.

Today’s update also fixes issues with Google sign-in, and it’s available to download from the App Store now.

Source: App Store

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