Animated GIF Shows New iOS 7-Ready App Store Icons



If you’ve been running the iOS 7 beta, or have seen it up close, then you’ll be familiar with the ugly icon problem, in which some icons have janky edges thanks to a change of the corner radius in iOS 7. You can see the changes in this animated GIF from Czech site Letem Světem Applem (or something), which shows the design change as applied to the icons in the iTunes Store.

The new icons have a much nicer curve on the corners, and they also lose the stupid shadow underneath which makes them look like they’re doing a little skip. I have been running the beta as my day-to-day OS on my iPhone for a while now and I haven’t really noticed the icon problem. On the iPad mini, though, it looks pretty bad. Now, if all app makers can just get rid of those awful shiny reflections on their app icons, I’ll be happy.

Source: Letem Světem Applem

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  • Avenged110

    Hey! I like the shadows and shiny reflections!