Deal Ends At Midnight! Leave Adobe Behind With Flux 4 – Over 60% off [Deals]

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Upset with how expensive Adobe Cretive Cloud is? Us too! That’s why we at Cult of Mac Deals brought you a solution. With Flux 4  you can easily build professional-looking website creation for only $49.99 (a savings of 64%). The interface is  more design-oriented than “code-oriented”, which allows for a much easier learning curve than other apps in this space.

With the release of Adobe Creative Cloud, having Dreamweaver for $50/month is just too expensive! Flux 4 is the perfect replacement for design focused web design – agile, simple, and powerful. Plus, no coding is required! This deal ends tonight at midnight, so grab it while you can!

Flux 4 features templates that enable you start designing right away, as well as advance font support – meaning you can take advantage of a slew of fonts (like those contained in this bundle).

If you’re looking to create professional-looking websites with ease and don’t want to spend money on some of the high-end suites that can deliver those kind of results, then Flux 4 might just be for you. And who knows? With this app you may very well be able to earn a little bit of cash creating websites to help support you while you’re in the midst of school.

You can get Flux 4 at the Cult of Mac Deals page at the low price of $49.99 now. Head on over to the Cult of Mac Deals Page for more details before the sale is gone:

Deal Ends At Midnight! Leave Adobe Behind With Flux 4 – Over 60% off [Deals]

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    Why read an article about software that the author admits to not using his/herself???

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