The Best Evidence Yet That A Gold iPhone Is Coming


It seems hard to believe that Apple would come out with a gaudy-looking iPhone, but according to the rumor mill, Apple is set to release the iPhone 5S in black, white and gold. We haven’t seen any convincing evidence of the gold iPhone yet, but if MacBoutic is to believed, these are the first leaked photographs of the golden iPhone 5S shells.

The Apple logo and the word “iPhone” have been deliberately blurred out, but it looks like the anodized coloring has been applied to all metallic parts — something that’s not possible in a post-production paint job, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of Photoshop.

Even though we can’t verify the authenticity of the photos, they’re the best evidence we’ve seen so far. We’ll have to wait until the iPhone event on September 10 to see how real it is.

  • Howie Isaacks

    I hope not! Gold is tacky.

  • Vertigo Bird

    Avocado and copper-tone are next.

    *** runs wildly around in circles; arms flailing ***

  • forrie

    Sure, create a higher-end iPhone and make it really, really obvious to would-be-thieves. What could possibly go wrong with that? LOL SMH

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