Retail Stock Of Mac Pros Running Low Ahead Of WWDC

The Mac Pro is the most PC-like Mac, but it serves niches that other Macs and PCs can't

Apple hasn’t updated the Mac Pro in forever. It’s been 1,039 days since the Mac Pro received a respectable upgrade. Tim Cook promised us something really great for the Mac Pro will be coming in 2013. It’s possible we might even see it at WWDC.

In the build up towards WWDC and Apple’s first keynote of the year, Mac Pro supplies have started drying up at retail stores. Diminishing stock can be a decent sign that a refresh is imminent for some Apple products, so MacTrast checked in with a dozen major Apple resellers and found that the entry level Mac Pro is getting harder to find.

Here are some the companies that are out of stock:

Backordered or out of stock:

Even though stock-outs are usually a key indicator that something new is coming, the Mac Pro is a bit of an exception. Because the Mac Pro is an expensive item that takes up more storage space and doesn’t sell as fast, most stores only carry a limited number of units anyway.

However, it looks like almost everyone except Apple is out of Mac Pros, and WWDC would be a great place to launch a pro machine, so we won’t be surprised to see a new Mac Pro at the WWDC keynote.

  • Steffen Jobbs

    Someone honestly thinks Apple is going to upgrade the Mac Pro? Wow! This I’ve go to see. I thought Apple had decided to stop making them because they were nearly impossible to sell.

  • calmasacow

    We buy lots of them and many studios do. and yes Tim Cook Confirmed this last year

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