New Horror Movie Wonders: “What If Siri Tried To Kill You?”



What if Siri tried to kill you? That’s the plot of a new Dutch horror film called App that features a malevolent Siri clone called IRIS (get it?) that starts killing people. And as a cool twist, App allows you to download a free app to use while you watch the film.

App is directed by Bobby Boermans, and the plot follows a psychology student who becomes addicted to her smartphone, apps and social media. While trawling the App Store, she dins an app called IRIS that begins to send cryptic messages to her, as friends and colleagues begin to die mysteriously all around her.

The accompanying app for iOS does a couple of things. If you download it now, you can find out general information about App, like watch the trailer, get information on the cast, or see set photographs.

Where it gets interesting is if you load up the app during the actual movie, at which point, you apparently get “get specific images on your device to see that you do not see in the movie! You will be surprised with photos and movie scenes that are optimally integrated with the screenplay, and fully synchronized with the film itself.”

Here’s the trailer:

There’s nothing more annoying than someone fiddling with their smartphone in a movie theater, but at least with App, that’s how the experience was designed.

App will be released in the Netherlands on April 4th.

Via: Laughing Squid

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  • FairgroundTown

    There already *is* a Siri clone called IRIS for Android.

  • voodoo1979

    So Siri will become self aware?