Poof! Hide All Your iOS Stock Apps, No Jailbreak Required



The iTunes image preview may have gigantic typos, but HiddenApps lets yo do something really incredible without a jailbreak: hide stock iOS apps like Stocks, Newsstand, Passbok, Mail and more.

Here’s how it works. Download the free app and run it, and you can hide stock iOS apps or even disable all iAds system-wide.

Hiding apps isn’t exactly intuitive, but it works. Essentially, when you tell HiddenApps to hide an app, it gives you this message:

idoodler.de would like to install “Poof”

When you click “Install,” though, “Poof” will fail, and you’ll get a message that it can not be downloaded. This is by design. If you go find the app you just tried to hide, you’ll see it’s icon has been replaced by one reading Poof. Just delete the icon and, voila, the stock app is gone! Brilliant!

It works flawlessly, and a simple respring brings all your icons back, with no fuss or muss.

Look, Apple’s going to pull this down in seconds, so you should grab it now. You can download it here for free.

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  • TheMacGuy

    It’s gone now. Good thing I got my copy!

  • technochick

    Find one that isn’t reversed by a reboot/power off and let’s talk

  • lambaline

    Poof! it’s gone