Dolphin Browser For iOS Gets Big Improvements In Latest Update


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Dolphin, one of the best and most popular third-party web browsers for iOS, has today been updated with a number of improvements that are sure to quash some of the biggest issues and annoyances users have been experiencing of late. Not only does it fix Evernote text formatting, but it also addresses an issue that caused the save password dialog to appear when it didn’t need to, and more.

Although Dolphin Browser isn’t a universal app — there’s an app for iPhone and an app for iPad — the latest release is available for both devices. One of the biggest fixes in this update is for Evernote formatting. Prior to this release, Dolphin had a tendency to mess up your text formatting when saving notes to Evernote — but this is now fixed.

Another bug in previous versions of Dolphin caused the save password confirmation dialog to appear when it didn’t need to — such as after logging into a website with details that have already been saved. Like the Evernote formatting bug, this has now been fixed, too, and the save password dialog will only appear when necessary.

This update also allows to be shown in desktop view (finally!), and fixes a bug that caused pages to display incorrectly while scrolling.

You can download the latest version of Dolphin from the App Store now for iPhone and iPad.

Source: App Store


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