Meet Phillip Lüpke, The Lucky Guy Who Won €10,000 From Apple This Morning


This is the guy who downloaded the 25 billionth song off of iTunes

Earlier this morning Apple announced that someone had downloaded the 25 billionth song off of iTunes. The person who purchased the 25 billionth song, Phillip Lüpke, received a €10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple, which not only makes him pretty damn lucky, but now he can buy a music album for everyone he’s ever met.

We got a chance to talk to Phillip this afternoon to find out what it was like to win some fat stacks of iTunes cash from Apple, and he said he thought it was all a scam at first.

As a 22-year old student in Hanover, Germany, Phillip says he’s never won anything in his life. Ever. When Apple reached out to him to tell him that he won €10,000, he figured it was all a joke. “At first I was in disbelief. But then I was very happy, laughed. I’ve gone to my university and told all my friends. It was a very nice day.”

Phillip wasn’t the only person in disbelief that he won. All his friends thought he was joking when he told them the news, especially his girlfriend, but after the shock wore off everyone congratulated Phillip.

The same thing happened to the person who downloaded the 10 billionth song from iTunes. Gail Davis actually hung up the phone, thinking it was a prank.

To celebrate, Phillip and his friends went out to drink some beer, but not too much because Philip’s got a test on Friday. He’s studying Economics, which should mean that he can come up with some good plans for his €10,000 gift card.

So what the heck would you do with €10,000 worth of iTunes credits? Phillip doesn’t seem too sure what he’ll do with the prize either. “I think I can realize all my musical wishes and download all the songs I like. But this will be enough for the next few years,” Phillip told us.

If he spends all that money on crappy songs within the next few years we’re going to be pretty disappointed in Phillip. But after hearing the track he bought to win the prize, we wouldn’t be too surprised if his iPhone 5 is packed with some tracks we can thumb our nose at.

Congratulations Phillip, you lucky bastard.

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  • englishmike74

    That’s not lucky…… I won a £65,000 Porsche 911 in a Vodafone competition in 2003. THAT’S LUCKY!!

  • iMonkey

    Top man. I’d love to have that gift card right now :)