Ending Soon! Protect Your Internet Identity With Safe Shepherd [Deals]

Ending Soon! Protect Your Internet Identity With Safe Shepherd [Deals]

We’re all concerned about online privacy issues in some form or another. Some of us are obsessive about it while others are a bit more cavalier. Regardless of how you feel about online privacy, there are tons of websites that have your personal information.

Why? Because of data brokers.

Data brokers collect your personal information and sell it online for background checks and marketing. Even social networks can expose sensitive details about your life that you thought you were only sharing with friends and family – and many of them can because of what their terms of service allow.

With this Cult of Mac Deals offer, you can finally fight back – with a one year subscription of Safe Shepherd for just $29!

Here’s how Safe Shepherd works:

  • Safe Shepherd helps you understand what’s public: Safe Shepherd scans across the internet for your personal information which has been made public or is being sold.
  • Safe Shepherd removes unwanted information: Easily remove records which violate your privacy, are risky, or are inaccurate. We’ll do all the work.
  • Safe Shepherd makes sure that you’re the first to know: Receive real-time alerts when your personal info appears on the web, whether you put it there or not.

Safe Shepherd has been praised by a wide variety of trusted online sources such as Forbes, Lifehacker, Time, The New York Post, and more.

This Cult of Mac Deals offer has a 30 day refund policy, and gets you one year of Safe Shepherd for only $29. (Note: After your year of use is up you’ll need to renew if you want to continue to use their service.)

So while the web can be a truly amazing place, it can also be dangerous to you and your privacy. Protect yourself from it with Safe Shepherd and Cult of Mac Deals before it’s too late!

Ending Soon! Protect Your Internet Identity With Safe Shepherd [Deals]

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