IntelliScreenX Scam Hits The App Store And Should Be Avoided At All Costs

IntelliScreenX Scam Hits The App Store And Should Be Avoided At All Costs


Every so often, an iOS developer attempts to make a quick buck by creating a simple app, naming it after a hugely popular jailbreak tweak, then releasing it in the App Store with the same logo and screenshots. That’s exactly what JB Solutions has done with IntelliScreenX, a $0.99 app that promises to be the ultimate notification center for your lock screen. In reality, it’s nothing more than a nasty alarm clock.

We’ve linked to the app below, but only so that you can see for yourself how shameless a copy it really is. Please do not buy it. While the App Store screenshots may look fancy, they’ve been lifted from the popular jailbreak tweak IntelliScreenX — they’re certainly not from this awful scam.

The App Store description promises to offer status bar notification icons for missed calls and texts, the ability to read and reply to emails from the lock screen, access to quick settings like brightness and airplane mode, and lots more. But again, these are not things that you’ll get with this app.

Strangely, the app has 27 five-star reviews, so JB Solutions obviously has a lot of friends. But don’t let them fool you; this isn’t worth your $0.99.

  • Jonathan Ober

    How does this kind of stuff get passed through and on to the app store?

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