Coming Soon: A World Populated Only By Old Apple Computers

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Project Genesis offers a new take on the silicon Story of Creation

Word is spreading of a new independent film, Project Genesis, involving a world populated only by old Apple computers. Italian director and filmmaker Alessio Fava has posted an enigmatic teaser of Macs shuffling around in a drab soulless environment, with hints of better existence:

We computers have always looked at our world from a single point of view: with resignation, limiting ourselves to survive. We were wrong! From this moment on, everything changes: new unexpected ways open up in front of us, the world we knew now becomes more accessible, simple, within everyone’s range.

With Project Genesis we open the door to our dreams: now we only have to start living, as we truly mean it.

Coming Soon: A World Populated Only By Old Apple Computers

The teaser is well produced, reminiscent of Apple’s 1984 commercial introducing the Macintosh. But in this version of the saga – also starring a venerable Apple 1 – it’s the computer which revolts against its heritage rather than the user. Life from the perspective of the CPU. Beyond that the project website doesn’t give much more detail, only that the film is scheduled to hit theaters in October 2012.

Looks intriguing! There are some making-of clips on the site and information about the crew and sponsors. Not sure what theaters this will be hitting, but we’ll be keeping our vintage computing eyes on this one…

  • mr_bee

    This sounds sort of like a rip-off of “Rubber” except computers instead of spare tires.

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