Director Behind Apple’s Recently Pulled ‘Genius’ Ads Quits

Director Behind Apple’s Recently Pulled ‘Genius’ Ads Quits

Some Mac users felt Apple’s ‘Genius’ ads made them look stupid.

Scott Trattner, the executive creative director behind the “Genius” advertising campaign — which was quickly killed by Apple shortly after its debut — has left his role at TBWA/Media Arts Lab in favor of a new role with advertising agency 72andSunny.Trattner, who had worked with Apple since 1994 and created its hugely successful “I’m a Mac” campaign, will now enjoy clients Activision, Discovery Channel, Hewlett-Packard, Nike, and Apple’s biggest rival, Samsung.

While Trattner has had plenty of success with Apple, his latest project wasn’t so well received. The collection of “Genius” ads that recently began airing in the United States were pulled by the Cupertino company just weeks after their debut.

Apple hasn’t mentioned why the ads were pulled, but they did receive a lot of criticism. Some felt they made Mac users look stupid, while others called them embarrassing and cringeworthy.

Regarding his new colleagues at 72andSunny, Trattner said: “I’ve known John [Boiler], Glenn [Cole] and Matt [Jarvis] for a long time and have admired their work and approach to creativity.”

72andSunny CEO, John Boiler, told Advertising Age: “Scott’s track record for creating colossal impact on behalf of his clients is second to none. His work has not only shaped one of the biggest brands in the world, but redefined industries.”

  • chadharbach

    That is one long lead sentence.

  • technochick

    There is zero evidence that this wasn’t in the works or a while and thus has nothing to do with the ads

    Likewise there is no evidence to refute the claim that the ads were never meant to stay on the air longer than they did and were pulled when they were always meant to be pulled. Same with the YouTube videos which are still considered broadcasts under SAG rules and thus incur payouts. Apple may have only contracted them for this short time from the start

    Then again knowing what they are talking about and actually sorting out the complete truth has never be CoM’s style. After all they are bloggers, not journalists. If a half truth gets more page hits that’s all they care about

  • brewer

    Wow, Samsung is really taking Apple stalking to a whole new level when they start hiring Apple’s rejected TV commercial directors.

  • Dys_Parrot

    Clearly not every ad can be a “1984”.

  • jasenjones

    I quite enjoyed the ads, and I think the Genius in the commercials is very cute;-)

  • jasenjones

    I quite enjoyed the ads, and I think the Genius in the commercials is very cute;-)

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