Here’s What The Redesigned Stores For iOS 6 Look Like [Gallery]



During today’s keynote Apple showed a slide that mentioned iOS 6 would get some “Redesigned Stores” but Scott Forstall never went into detail on what the stores look like. Now that we’ve got iOS 6 loaded up on our iPhones we’re finally able to see what the new stores look like and boy are they a great improvement over the predecessors. Here’s what the new App Store, iTunes, and iBooks look like in iOS 6:

The App Store

Here's what the front of the App Store looks like
Here's an improvement that we're really excited about - installing a new app doesn't kick you back to homescreen anymore!



You can share apps with your Facebook friends
View update details by tapping "What's New."


Details expand into the current screen rather than sending you to a new screen



Top Charts looks pretty similar to the old version
Genius for apps isn't supported with iOS 6 yet



iTunes App


Front of the store has some nice UI changes.
The movies and TV Shows sections look pretty similar


The sharing screen
You can view a history of all the songs, movies, or tv shows you've previewed.


Unfortunately, Ping isn't working yet








iBooks has the least exciting update of the 3 stores
You can view Details, Reviews, and Related all from the same screen
Pre-order, Download, or Purchase




Even though there are some holes and missing features in the stores that are annoying – like not being able to view your past purchases in iBooks – we think the redesigned stores are a significant improvement. But what do you think? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments.


Deals of the Day

  • Connor Mulcahey

    THey redesigned a lot actually. You guys were spot on with the new silvery-blue look. The music app looks entirely different. While some apps, like youtube keep the same black tab bar, others establish their own look.

  • Bogie635

    Facebook and Twitter in iTunes?… Say goodbye to Ping! (and good riddance!)

  • theguycalledtom

    So, can you subscribe to podcasts?