Does Tim Cook Need To Step Out Of Steve Jobs’s Shadow?

Does Tim Cook Need To Step Out Of Steve Jobs’s Shadow?

Is Steve Jobs's legacy really haunting Tim Cook? No. Cook's part of it.

At every public appearance by Tim Cook — say, Wednesday’s on-stage interview at AllThingsD’s annual D10 conference, or at the next WWDC keynote — there is always a certain type of commentator who, with hushed voice, will see the spectre of Steve Jobs looming behind Apple’s new CEO.

It’s no wonder. Steve Jobs was a personality larger than life, so it’s no surprise that the force of that personality can still be felt nine months after his death. Likewise, it’s undeniable that the soft-spoken but forceful Cook is less charismatic than his predecessor. But the idea that Tim Cook is a haunted man, trying to live up to the legacy of Jobs, is absurd. He’s his own man, his own CEO, and Apple today is doing better than it ever was under Jobs’s leadership.

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  • Tallest_Skil

    Tim should MC WWDC. Be on stage first, talk about sales, stores, all that jazz. Introduce… well, Bertrand Serlet is GONE, isn’t he? Introduce someone to talk about Mountain Lion. He talks. Tim comes back. Tim introduces Scott Forstall to talk about iOS 6. He talks. Tim comes back. Talks about new hardware if there’s going to BE new hardware. Maybe get Schiller to come talk a little, too.

    No “One more thing” ever again.
    Tim thanks everyone, is the last off the stage.
    Simple. We don’t have the rockstar that was Steve anymore; we have the rockstars that are ALL of Apple’s executives.
  • thegraphicmac

    Very few people thought he was in Steve’s shadow to begin with. So this headline falls under the Betteridge Law (Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word ‘no’

  • James Anders

    False premise.  He already has.

  • technochick

    Tim Cook is NOT trying to be Steve Jobs and that is 100% the right choice. We saw the dangers of the company being equated to one person. They don’t need that again. 

    Yes Tim is boring and quiet but, if the media would get over this ‘haunted’ nonsense, the focus would be where it should be. On the products 
  • Laurel London

    Apple today is doing better than it ever was under Jobs’s leadership.”

    I highly doubt that. 

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