SynchroCam Combines Photos From Two iPhones To Make 3-D Pictures


SynchroCam is a free app which snaps photos from two iOS devices simultaneously

SynchroCam is an app that uses the cameras of two iDevices to snap a stereo photo. It then combines the two images into one animated GIF, the kind that flick back and forth and give a trippy 3-D effect.

The app’s instructions say that you should use two identical devices — a pair of iPads or two iPhone 4Ss, for example, but as almost nobody has two of the same phone, I though I’d try to cheat a little.

Result? Failure. Not only are the camera in my iPad 3 and iPod Touch of way different quality and even color balance, the angles of view are different enough that the resulting images don’t line up enough to give the cool 3-D effect.

Actually using the app is easy, though. Or it would be if you used two smaller devices — holding an iPad in one hand and an iPod in the other, whilst trying to simultaneously align and shoot a photo is pretty tricky. But the apps find each other fine over the Wi-Fi network, and once you have designated a mater and a secondary camera, you’re good to go.

It’s fun, and I recommend you to grab it and play around. After all, it’s free, so what have you got to lose?

  • Andrew Kerr

    Tried it with 2 iPads. 
    FAIL. Massively.

  • Ian Walls

    Zero out of ten. No instructions apart from use two identical devices. No directions on HOW to align and take photos.

  • synchrocam

    Hey Ian, the reason I haven’t thrown any instructions in the mix is because it’s pretty straightforward: 1) Keep both devices as close together as possible, even overlapping, 2) Line up both cameras by matching a point of reference’s (a desk corner, a clock on the wall, a forehead) location on the grid. Try to get them similar on both screens. 3) Tap the shutter. True, it’s pretty tricky with two iPads, but it makes it more rewarding when you get a good one. :) I plan on improving the alignment in the future. Anyway, thanks for checking it out.

  • synchrocam

    Zero out of ten. No instructions apart from use two identical devices. No directions on HOW to align and take photos.

    Here are some more detailed tips:

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