$59 Adapter Connects Apple TV Any AirPlay To Virtually And Display System

$59 Adapter Connects Apple TV Any AirPlay To Virtually And Display System

Kanex adapter and Apple TV bring AirPlay to virtually any venue

AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring add a lot of value to the second and third generation Apple TVs. Paired with a recent iPad or the iPhone 4S, an Apple TV can instantly become a gaming solution and a theater for home movies – and will be amazing when combined with Mountain Lion when it ships this summer.

AirPlay also turns that Apple TV into powerful and extremely portable presentation system that’s a great fit for the classroom or the board room. The only challenge is that the Apple TV’s only output option is an HDMI port, which can be a big problem for connecting to older display technologies including many projectors and computer displays – a problem solved by cable and adapter maker Kanex.

Kanex today announced its new ATV Pro adapter designed for the Apple TV. The adapter connects to the second/third generation Apple TV’s HDMI port and offers a standard VGA port and 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack. The device is compact and doesn’t require a own power supply cable.

That portability makes it a great companions to an Apple TV and iPhone/iPad for mobile professionals that need to make presentations in a variety of different settings – and using a variety of different display options. Add a MacBook Air running Mountain Lion after Apple releases the next generation of OS X this summer, and you’ve got an amazing setup ready to go just about anyplace.

The device also works great for existing presentation solutions in classrooms, conference rooms, and other venues that don’t include HDMI support. At $59, the ATV Pro is almost certainly a cheaper alternative to replacing existing options simply for HDMI support.

  • joseluisbenavente

    It should includes a battery, for a real portable solution…

  • mr_bee

    Useful for many no doubt, but the number of devices that don’t have any digital inputs in this day and age must be tiny.  

    It’s also painful to think of a 1080p video signal turned into a dumb-ass, low-res, analogue VGA signal.  That’s like taking your favourite high quality CD and converting it so you can play it on a speak and spell.  
  • RyanTV

    Seriously, do you guys not even bother to READ the thing you write before you post them?

    Look at the title.

    $59 Adapter Connects Apple TV And AirPlay To Virtually And Display System

  • Georg Chiari

    Won’t there be an issue with the hdcp? 

  • B Stur

    You started with this:

    $59 Adapter Connects Apple TV And AirPlay To Virtually And Display System

    Now you have:

    $59 Adapter Connects Apple TV Any AirPlay To Virtually And Display System

    You just need to make it:

    $59 Adapter Connects TV AND AirPlay to Virtually ANY Display System.

    COM, how about hiring writers who know how to write and proof their own Headings?

  • Dan

    I’d much rather have a dongle that offers the exact reverse of this.

    A self powered, driverless VGA dongle that outputs any VGA source to AirPlay. Too much to ask for?

  • baby_Twitty

    Headline Double fail.

    Typo achievement +2

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